Furniture Buying Guide

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Furniture shopping can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Whether you’re looking for new furniture to spruce up your home or an entire set of pieces to furnish an entire room, it’s important to know what options are available and the best way to make your purchase.

This Furniture Buying Guide is designed to help you navigate through the process with ease. We break down everything from materials and styles so that you can find the perfect piece for any space in your home. With this guide at hand, you will be able to find furniture that meets both your style preferences and budget needs!


Beds & Headboards

Some of the most important pieces of furniture in any home, beds and headboards come in a variety of styles, allowing you to pick the perfect fit for your bedroom.

Wood frames are a popular option if you want a timeless look that lasts – they’re sturdy and often feature intricate designs that bring elegance into any bedroom space! Several of the beds we offer also come with the space to put drawers between the mattress and the floor, providing you with extra storage space to put things like shoes in.

Headboards also add a unique touch to any bedroom setup - they provide both style and comfort when sitting up in bed reading or relaxing.


WOOOD Dennis Single Bed - Steel Grey Leitmotiv Galant Headboard WOOOD Jade Daybed Naken Interiors Bunk Bed

Chests Of Drawers

Chests of drawers are a great storage solution for bedrooms, offering plenty of storage space and a sophisticated look. Available in several finishes, such as pine, oak or painted wood with metallic handles, they can be paired with beds and other bedroom furniture to create various styles. These pieces come with two or more drawers and often feature ornate handles that add an extra touch of elegance.

A chest of drawers is an essential piece when it comes to organizing the bedroom. Ideal for storing clothes, bedding, shoes and other items, chests of drawers can keep things organized without taking up too much space. The top of the chest also provides a convenient spot for clocks, lamps, books or any other decorative pieces you may want to showcase in the bedroom.

When picking out the perfect chest of drawers for your bedroom, there are several elements you should consider. Consider your room’s style and colour scheme – wooden chests tend to have a more traditional look while painted pieces can provide a sleek modern feel depending on the finish you choose. Additionally, check out the dimensions to make sure it fits comfortably in your space while still providing ample storage!

La Forma Cutt Chest of DrawersRichmond Interiors Blackbone Chest of Drawers - GoldDutchbone Jove Storage UnitNkuku Dasai Chest of Drawers

Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are fundamental pieces of furniture for anyone who is looking to create a comfortable and inviting bedroom. Not only do they provide a spot to place lamps, alarm clocks and other decorative or personal pieces, but they can also provide storage for books, magazines and other items that need to be kept close at hand.

When picking out the perfect bedside table, it’s important to consider both style and functionality. Bedside tables can come in both wood and metal, allowing you to select the perfect option for your bedroom’s style. For an extra touch of elegance try opting for an ornate wooden table with intricate carvings along the sides or a sleek painted model with a gold/silver trim.

It’s also important to keep your needs in mind when selecting a bedside table – if you need extra storage opt for one with multiple drawers or shelves which can help keep things neat and organised without taking up too much space in the room. If your primary focus is on style however, then a single-drawer unit is all you need! Additionally, think about the size when purchasing your bedside table - make sure it isn’t too big or too small for the space available!

Bedside tables offer not just practicality but also add character to any bedroom décor! Whether you are looking for something modern and minimalistic or more ornate and traditional – there are plenty of options available that will suit any taste.

La Forma Trixie Bedside TableRichmond Interiors Bliss Bedside TableNkuku Dasai Bedside TableRichmond Interiors Classio Bedside Table


Wardrobes are an invaluable addition to any bedroom, providing you with plenty of storage space for all your clothes and accessories.

When looking for a wardrobe, consider size, it needs to accommodate all your clothing items without taking up too much space. A smaller or medium space should consider using a two-doored wardrobe while a larger space can get away with a three-door variant.

Wardrobes also allow for even smaller storage solutions such as drawers and shelves below the main compartment, providing a place for outfit accessories such as shoes.

No matter what type of wardrobe you choose, make sure to measure up carefully before buying and take into consideration any extras such as rails or shelves that may need installing inside.

WOOOD Dennis Wardrobe With Drawers - Steel GreyNaken Interiors Locker Wardrobe - WhiteWOOOD Isabel WardrobeBloomingville Mariana High Cabinet & Wardrobe


Cabinets are an essential piece of furniture in any home, providing plenty of storage space and a great way to decorate any room.

When selecting a cabinet, first consider the size as this will determine how much storage you can fit inside. Larger cabinets are great for bulky items such as coats and shoes while smaller pieces can house more delicate objects like jewellery or photographs. Wall-mounted cabinets are perfect for tight spaces while freestanding ones provide extra flexibility when it comes to rearranging furniture in your home.

Materials vary greatly when it comes to cabinets - classic wooden styles offer timeless elegance while metal pieces bring industrial chic into your living area. Glass doors provide an excellent way to showcase treasured items without sacrificing security or privacy.

High Cabinets & Low Cabinets

High Cabinets and Low Cabinets are two types of the main types of cabinets. High cabinets are tall, reaching up to the ceiling in some cases, while low cabinets sit at a much lower height, usually within arm’s reach. Both types of cabinets provide great storage solutions, but they each have distinct advantages when it comes to decorating and organizing your home.

High Cabinets are ideal for adding an extra element of style and sophistication to any room. They can be used to create a dramatic focal point on an otherwise blank wall, as well as providing plenty of practical storage for larger items such as coats or bookshelves. High cabinets also work well in smaller areas where space is limited, allowing you to make use of vertical space without taking up too much floor area.

Low Cabinets on the other hand are perfect for creating a more relaxed atmosphere in any living space. These pieces are often placed between sofas or chairs to provide a convenient spot for storing blankets and pillows - making them ideal for family rooms or bedrooms. Low cabinets also provide easy access to frequently used items such as remote controls or board games, without having to climb on furniture or reach high into cupboards!

Dutchbone Denver High CabinetWOOOD Barn Cabinet - BlackSeletti Export Como CabinetNaken Interiors Lower Case Two Door Cabinet

TV Cabinets

TV Cabinets are an essential piece of furniture for any living room, providing a stylish way to house your television and its accessories.

When selecting a TV cabinet, size is the most important factor. It should be just big enough to house your television comfortably without swallowing up too much space in the room. If you have a larger flat screen there are some cabinets designed specifically for this purpose - these will often feature shelf space or drawers beneath the TV stand so that you can store DVDs, games consoles or other electronic devices.

The practicality of TV cabinets varies greatly depending on the model; open units allow cables and cords to remain visible while closed ones keep everything neat and tidy by hiding them away. Some designs even come with additional storage compartments, shelves or drawers which provide ample space for Blu-Ray players, games consoles and remotes - making it easier than ever to keep your living area organized!

La Forma Savoi TV CabinetRichmond Interiors Industrial Kensington TV StandLa Forma Quatre TV CabinetRichmond Interiors Cromford Mill TV Cabinet

Drinks Cabinets

Drinks Cabinets are great for providing a stylish way to store your favourite wines, spirits, and liquors. Whether you're looking for a contemporary piece, a classic style, or something with a more vintage feel.

When selecting a drinks cabinet, consider both size and shape. If space is tight in your home, you may want to go for a smaller piece that won't take up too much room. If you have plenty of space however, then larger options can really help showcase your collection. For example, an open-fronted drinks cabinet can be used to display all of your bottles in one place - making them easily accessible whilst also adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

Naken Interiors Damian High CabinetDutchbone Lico CabinetNaken Interiors Guuji Wine CabinetDutchbone Class Drinks Cabinet - Oak

Room Divider

Room dividers are the perfect way to add an extra layer of privacy and create distinct areas in any room. Whether your goal is to section off a studio apartment, separate a workspace in the home office, or merely bring more personality into an open-concept floor plan, room dividers are an ideal solution.

Light and Living Herwin Room Divider - Black Naken Interiors Pinner Room DividerLa Forma Krysia Room DividerLa Forma Austy Room Divider

Bedroom Banner

Kids Rooms:

When it comes to furnishing a kid's room, it is important to create a comfortable and inviting space for them. Kid's furniture should be both functional and stylish so that it matches their own personal style and the overall look of the room.

When selecting furniture for a kid's room, safety should always be taken into consideration first. Avoid sharp corners or pieces with protruding hardware as they can cause injury.

Tables are also an essential piece of furniture for any child’s bedroom. They provide ample workspace for homework or hobbies as well as a place for books and notebooks. When picking out the perfect table make sure to consider size – it should fit comfortably in the space available without hindering movement within the room!

Also, don’t forget about seating! It is important that there is somewhere comfortable in your kid’s room where they can relax with friends or read a book in peace – beanbags, bean chairs or floor cushions can add an element of fun while still providing comfort after a long day at school!

Storage solutions are incredibly important in kid's rooms - chests of drawers and storage units will help keep everything tidy and organised while still allowing your child’s personality to shine through with fun colours and designs!

Overall, when shopping for kids' furniture, try to treat them to some fresh designs, perhaps something that sparks their creativity, a place to get away from things, new toys to make their imagination run wild or just something soft to cuddle!

WOOOD Tipi Kids BedBloomingville Calle Kids Storage UnitBloomingville Kalu Kids BookcaseBloomingville Nan Kids Chair & Table

Kids Room Banner

Living Rooms:


Sideboards are a great way to add storage space and style to your living room. They can be used either for displaying decorative items or for storing everyday items such as books, DVDs, and magazines.

When choosing a sideboard, consider the amount of storage you need. If you regularly entertain guests, you may want to look for one with plenty of drawers or shelves to store all those extra dishes, cutlery, and linen. Alternatively, if your main goal is to display decorative items like photos or sculptures then opt for a sideboard with glass doors that will showcase these items while keeping them dust-free!

When it comes to style, there's plenty of choices out there! Traditional wood sideboards offer timeless elegance while modern designs feature clean lines and on-trend metals such as copper or brass. For an eclectic look try combining different materials such as wood and metal or going for more unusual shapes such as curved edges or asymmetrical designs.

No matter which style you choose, take into consideration the scale of the piece when comparing it with other furniture in the living room – make sure it fits in without overwhelming the space. Think about how much visual weight it will add too – if your walls are neutral then a bolder design might be just what's needed! Additionally, if you prefer a weathered look then look for pieces made from reclaimed wood which can give your living room an authentic rustic feel!

Dutchbone Boli SideboardDutchbone Class High Sideboard - BrownNaken Interiors Rena SideboardRichmond Interiors Bloomingville Sideboard



Armchairs are a great way to add a comfortable, inviting touch to the living room. They provide an intimate seating option and can be used as an accent chair that stands out from the other furniture in the room. Choose one with a bold pattern or fabric to make it stand out or opt for something more subtle if you want to keep things simple!

In terms of style, there are plenty of options available – from classic wingback chairs to modern pieces with sleek lines. Upholstered chairs offer comfort and visual appeal while wooden versions bring a timeless look to any space. Look for armchairs with armrests that have been carved for extra detail and relaxation – this feature can add depth and character to your living room!

To ensure comfort, pay attention to how well each one supports your body – check out several styles and sizes before making your decision!

For added versatility, consider buying two armchairs that match each other in terms of size and material but differ in terms of style or colour – this is great if you need seating options for multiple people but don’t have much space!

Armchairs are a great way to add style, comfort, and versatility to any living room setup – they provide a perfect spot for reading or relaxing after a long day!

Nkuku Abe Armchair - MossNkuku Odum ArmchairBePureHome Rodeo Armchair - BlackSeletti Comfy Armchair - Turquoise

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are iconic pieces of furniture that can bring a sense of nostalgia to any home. The gentle rocking motion and curved lines add comfort and relaxation while the wide variety of styles ensures there's something to fit any decor. They can be a great addition to a living room, bedroom or even a nursery!

La Forma Terence Rocking ChairLyon Beton Hauteville Rocking Chair

Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs are a great option for any living room. Not only do they look modern and stylish, but they also provide superior comfort with their ability to rotate 360°. They offer the flexibility to easily move around the room while remaining in a comfortable position, making them ideal for those who love to entertain.

Bold Monkey Sassy Granny Swivel Lounge Chair - Dark GreenRichmond Interiors Aline Swivel Armchair - KhakiNaken Interiors Menteng Lounge Swivel ChairRichmond Interiors Aline Swivel Armchair - Anthracite

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are a versatile seating option that offers both style and comfort. Whether you're looking for something to relax on after a long day or to create an inviting atmosphere in your living room, there's something out there for everyone. Upholstered options provide extra softness and visual appeal while wood-framed versions can bring a timeless look to any space. You'll also want to think about which materials or fabrics will work best with your existing decor – if you have a lot of natural colours around, opt for earthy tones like browns or beiges; if you're going for more modern vibes then try incorporating bolder colours and prints!

For an added touch of luxury, look for chairs with tufted back cushions which give off an elegant vibe and create visual interest in the room. These types of lounge chairs often feature intricate details such as buttons or diamond stitching – perfect if you want your furniture to really stand out!

Dutchbone Vince Lounge Chair - GreenDutchbone Glodis Lounge Chair - WhiskeyFerm Living Rico Boucle Lounge Chair - Off-WhiteSeletti Burger Chair With Cushions


Benches are a great way to add something modern or timeless to your home, there is a wide variety of styles available that can suit any decor. Upholstered benches create a luxurious look with their soft cushions and trim details, while wooden benches bring a more rustic aesthetic to the space.

For those who have a bit extra space, benches provide a great seating solution. Additionally, some benches come with storage compartments beneath the seat where you can store shoes or other smaller items that make them perfect to be placed in hallways or your entryways.

When selecting a bench for your living room, it’s important to think about its size in relation to the rest of the furniture. You want it to be proportional so that it doesn’t overpower other pieces in the room or feel like it’s taking up too much space. Pay attention to the height as well – if your sofa is low then go for a lower bench; if your sofa is tall then opt for one that goes higher than the back of it so that they both fit together nicely.

In terms of materials, choose something durable such as solid wood or metal frames with sturdy legs and fabric cushions which won’t sag over time.

Garden Trading Chapman Hallway Bench Bloomingville Mundo BenchBloomingville Abelone BenchBloomingville Vida Wide Bench


Low Stools

Low stools are an ideal seating option for those who have limited space in their home. Whether it's to provide extra seating for social gatherings or to create a cosy reading nook, these multipurpose pieces can fit into any room without taking up too much space. Low stools can be used as side tables or end tables, or as cafe-style seating around a breakfast bar or countertop. They are also great options for offices, providing extra workspace and giving employees the flexibility to easily move around the office.

Depending on the material, low stools can bring a classic look to traditional spaces or a more industrial feel to more modern interiors.

When choosing the perfect low stool for your home, it’s important to consider the height of the seat in relation to other furniture in the room – if it’s too tall then it will make your living room look unbalanced, while if it’s too short then it can create too much awkwardness for socializing or working.

For stools you wish to use for bar tables or counters, check out the Bar Stool section below.

Blomus Around Stool - Steel GreyBloomingville Sue Low StoolSkyline Design Cube LED Stool LightGarden Trading Clockhouse Stool - Natural

Coffee Tables, Side Tables & Console Tables

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a great way to bring style and functionality to any living space. Not only do they provide the perfect surface for entertaining guests or displaying decor, but they can also be used as storage. The right coffee table can offer an extra layer of comfort by providing a spot for you to put your feet up so you can relax after a long day.

When choosing the best fit for your living room, you'll want to consider factors such as size, shape, material and style. Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes from round and oval to rectangular, square and even hexagonal designs. Keep in mind that if you have limited space then an oval or round-shaped table might be best as they don't take up too much room while still providing ample surface area.

As far as materials go, your options range from wood and metal to marble and glass with many stunning combinations available such as wood frames with glass tops or metal frames with wooden tops. Depending on your style preferences, materials can help create different vibes in the room – wood is often associated with traditional designs and metal gives off a more modern feel while marble gives off luxurious feels.

Lastly, you'll want to consider the design elements of your coffee table – look for interesting details such as carved legs or curved edges which will give the piece more character and add visual appeal to the living space.

La Forma Greenhill Coffee TableRichmond Interiors Blackbone Coffee Tables - Set of 2 - GoldRichmond Interiors Tetrad Coffee Tables - Set of 4Bold Monkey Dope As Hell Coffee Table - Pink

Side Tables

Side Tables are an essential piece of furniture for any living space. They provide the perfect surface for displaying decorative items, placing books, magazines, and remotes. Not only do side tables add style and functionality to your living area but they can also complete the look of a room.

When choosing the best fit for your home, you'll want to consider factors such as size, shape, material and style. For larger spaces, statement side tables can add a touch of glamour to the room while small pieces work well as accent pieces or end tables.

As far as materials go, your options range from marble and glass with many stunning combinations available such as wood frames with glass tops or metal frames with wooden tops.

You should also consider how low the table is going to sit in relation to other furniture in the room – if it’s too tall then it might overpower other pieces while if it’s too low then it could look cluttered or out of place next to taller furniture like sofas or armchairs.

Overall side tables are great additions to any home – they provide function without taking up too much space and can help bring balance into your décor by completing the look of a room!

Bold Monkey Proudly Crowned Panther Side Table - Spotted Ferm Living Distinct Side Table - TravertineFerm Living Insert Side Table - BlackZuiver Marble Power Side Table

Console Tables

Console tables are a great way to add style, storage, and sophistication to any living space. Not only do they offer ample surface area for displaying artwork, photos, or decor but they can also add an extra layer of functionality with their drawers and shelves. Whether you're looking for a statement piece that will take centre stage in a room or just something to provide some extra storage, console tables can fit the bill.

As far as materials go, wood is usually the most popular option with metal offering more of a modern feel while marble gives off luxurious vibes.

Overall, console tables are versatile pieces of furniture that can bring practicality along with style into any home!

Dutchbone Class Console Table - Black Light and Living Ylaya Console Table - Silver BePureHome Federal Console Table

Footstools & Beanbags

Footstools & Ottomans

Footstools and ottomans are two pieces of furniture that are often confused with each other, but they have distinct differences. Footstools are small stools meant for temporary seating and usually have four legs. Ottomans, on the other hand, usually come with a flat top and no legs, making them more suitable for use as a footrest or extra seating.

Footstools are great for adding extra casual seating when needed, such as during parties or family gatherings. They can also be used as a place to rest your feet after a long day of work or activities.

Ottoman also provide comfortable seating and extra legroom – perfect for small spaces like apartments or dorms where space is limited! Ottomans also come in all shapes, sizes, materials and styles ranging from classic tufted designs to modern upholstered versions that can fit any décor scheme.

One of the great things about footstools & ottomans is their versatility - they can easily move around the house depending on where you need them most. Place them near your sofa to give guests extra seating options, or put one at the end of the bed for stylish storage solutions for keeping your stuff off the floor. They're also perfect for creating cosy nooks within larger spaces like living rooms or dens - just throw a blanket over it for added warmth and comfort!

Overall, footstools & ottomans are functional pieces of furniture that not only provide comfort but also add visual appeal to any room in your home! They’re perfect for small areas where furniture is limited yet decorating is still desired - so why not pick up one today?

Nkuku Ondal FootstoolLight and Living Sanza FootstoolBold Monkey My Lover And Best Friend Ottoman - Teddy NaturalBold Monkey My Lover And Best Friend Ottoman - Panther


Bean bags are a great way to provide comfortable seating that also adds a touch of style to any living space. Not only are they incredibly lightweight and easy to move around, but they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home. Beanbags are also very affordable and can be great additions to any room on a budget.

For larger spaces, large round or elongated beanbags are great options for providing extra seating without taking up too much room. Smaller spaces may benefit from cube-shaped or pear-shaped beanbags as they don't take up too much floor area while still providing plenty of seating for family and guests.

Bean bags also come with a huge group of various colours available from bright pink to deep navy blue which can really add a pop of colour to any room! Beanbags can also feature different designs such as polka dots or stripes adding an extra level of texture and interest to the piece.

Overall beanbags are great pieces of furniture that provide both comfort and style while also being highly affordable – perfect for sprucing up any living area!

rucomfy Humbug Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag - Redrucomfy Classic XL Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag - Tropical Leaf - Greenrucomfy Giant Ombre Stripe Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag - Ombre Striperucomfy Velvet Squarbie Bean Bag - Mustard

Sofas & Daybeds


Sofas are an essential piece of furniture for any living room, providing comfortable seating for family and friends. Traditional sofas typically feature a solid wooden frame with upholstered cushions while more modern styles often have metal frames with leather or fabric covers.

No matter the style, sofas are designed to provide comfortable seating while also adding visual appeal to the space. Upholstery fabrics come in a multitude of textures, patterns and colours allowing you to choose something that best complements your existing décor. If you’re looking for something more unique, there are also designer pieces available featuring interesting shapes and materials like velvet or chenille.

When it comes to sizing, most sofas come in two-seat, three-seat & four-and-five seat options, each offering different levels of seating capacity. Four-and-five seat sofas are great for bigger groups while smaller two-seaters can fit into tighter spaces while still providing comfort and the three-seat sofas offer a great compromise between these two kinds.

In terms of height and depth, measure the area where your sofa will be placed before purchasing as this will determine which size will best suit your space (A highly important factor). In addition to this, consider how much use the sofa is likely to get before choosing a specific material – if it’s going to be used frequently then pick something robust like leather or suede rather than delicate fabrics like silk or velvet which may not hold up as well over time.

Overall, sofas are great pieces of furniture that add both comfort and style into any living space! With plenty of options available – from classic designs to more contemporary pieces – you’ll easily find something that suits your individual needs!

Bold Monkey Dont Love Me 2 Seater Sofa - Dark GreenSeletti Hot Dog 3 Seater Sofa With Cushions Ferm Living Rico Boucle 4 Seater Sofa - SandSeletti Comfy 5 Seater Sofa - Turquoise


Daybeds are a great addition to any home, providing both comfort and style in one piece of furniture. These pieces can be used for seating or sleeping depending on the space and needs. Unlike traditional beds, daybeds feature a backrest that offers extra support and even more comfort. Usually made of wood, they come in a variety of styles ranging from classic designs to more modern pieces featuring clean lines and sleek silhouettes.

When it comes to choosing the right daybed for your home, there are plenty of options on the market such as those with tufted upholstery detailing or those with simple wooden frames.

Daybeds can also be great pieces for accentuating an existing décor theme or creating an entirely new style as well as provide storage solutions by featuring built-in drawers underneath the frame which is great for keeping blankets, books or other items organised while still allowing them to be easily accessed when needed.

Overall, daybeds are beautiful functional pieces that provide both comfort and style while also being highly affordable – perfect for sprucing up any living area! Whether you’re looking for something traditional with intricate details or something contemporary with sleek lines.

Blomus Stay Daybed - CoalFerm Living Turn Fiord Daybed - Bordeaux - Natural StrapBlomus Stay Daybed - CloudFerm Living Turn Fiord Daybed - Rust - Natural Strap

Storage Furniture


Bookcases are a great way to store and display books, as well as add visual appeal to any space and act as a perfect supplemental piece of furniture for any home or office.

In terms of style, there are plenty of options available from modern designs featuring refined lines and clean silhouettes to more traditional wooden pieces with intricate detailing. The colour of the bookcase should also be taken into consideration – black or white may be ideal for a contemporary setting while warmer brown tones may work better in a more classic space. What you put on the shelves can also affect this mood depending on what items are being displayed or stored.

When shopping for a bookcase, consider how much storage space you need and whether the size will fit in with existing décor and furniture pieces in the room – too small and it can look out of place while too large can overwhelm the area. Additionally, pay attention to the depth of the shelves – some models only have shallow depths which aren’t suitable for larger books while deeper shelves provide more storage capacity.

Overall, bookcases are an essential piece of furniture that offers both functionality and visual appeal. With plenty of options available ranging from classic styles to modern designs, you’ll easily find something that suits your individual needs!

iBride Joe Big Bear Central Bookcase Richmond Interiors Oakura Right BookcaseWireworks Bookie Bookcase - OakWireworks Mini Bookie Roller Bookcase - Oak

Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are essential pieces of furniture to keep your shoe collection at bay and not in a pile near the front door. They are available in a range of materials from wood to metal, making it easy to find the perfect piece for your home depending on the existing décor or look you’re trying to achieve.

Shoe Racks can come in a range of sizes, ranging from a single level for shoe storage to five though the most common are in the two to three range.

The great thing about shoe racks is that many other pieces of furniture incorporate shoe racks into them including coat stands and console tables.

La Forma Rox 4 Shoe Rack - GreyWireworks Heel Bar Shoe Rack - Oak Garden Trading Whitby 12 Shoe LockerWireworks Hang Up Coat Stand

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are a great way to add extra storage space and display objects in any room.

Floating wall shelves are great for small spaces as they take up minimal floor space while still providing plenty of storage. They come in a range of widths and lengths so you can choose one that fits perfectly with your wall size. You can also choose from open or walled designs depending on what items you want to store or display.

Wall shelves are highly versatile pieces of furniture that can serve multiple functions while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. With endless design possibilities, they will allow you to personalise any room by adding both storage solutions and decorative flair!

Richmond Interiors Oakura Wall ShelfBlomus Panola Wall Shelf - OakZuiver Bundy Pegboard - WhiteLight and Living Hual Wall Shelves - Set of 2 - Bronze

Wall Storage

Wall Storage is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture as it can be used for different purposes, such as providing extra storage space or displaying items. There are a wide variety of designs available from simple open shelves to wall boxes and wall cabinets that provide additional storage capacity.

Floating wall shelves are great for small spaces as they occupy minimal floor space while still offering plenty of storage options. The floating design is ideal for creating a modern look and helps to open up the room and create the illusion of more floor space. In addition to this, they come in a variety of materials such as wood, metal and glass to fit any style preference – allowing you to easily customize the look of your home.

For larger spaces, wall cabinets are great because they provide additional storage capacity by featuring drawers or doors with shelving inside them. This type of furniture is perfect for keeping clutter away while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time – plus they come in a range of materials from wood to metal so you can find one that fits your interior décor perfectly!

Another option are wall boxes which offer numerous possibilities for creativity. This type of furniture is perfect for smaller spaces and allows you to choose between open and closed styles depending on how much visibility you want over your belongings.

Overall, wall storage provides numerous benefits such as adding visual appeal while also providing extra storage capacity – making it perfect for any room in your home! With plenty of designs available, from traditional cabinets to modern cubes, there’s something out there that will suit everyone’s individual needs and style preferences!

Nkuku Oni Wall Storage - MirrorCane-line Box Wall Box - Teak & AquaBlomus Tewo Key BoardGarden Trading Melcombe Ironing Wall Storage

Shelving Units

Shelving units are an essential piece of furniture to have in any home. They are perfect for providing additional storage and display space vertically. Shelving units provide a great way to show off your favourite items or store books, documents and other everyday items close at hand.

The great thing about shelving units is that they come in a range of materials, styles and sizes so you can find the perfect piece for any room in your home. From wood to metal, glass or even marble options there’s something out there that will fit both your style preferences and budget needs! When it comes to shelving unit sizes, these range from small wall shelves that take up minimal vertical space to large units that stand over metres tall that offer plenty of storage capacity – making them suitable for any size room.

Overall, shelving units are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture as they provide both aesthetic appeal and storage capacity – making them perfect for any room in your home!

Naken Interiors Samuel Shelving UnitNkuku Hasa Shelving UnitNkuku Mahi Shelving UnitLight and Living Vasto Shelving Unit

Living Room Banner

Dining Rooms:

Dining Tables

Dining tables are an integral part of any home. They set the tone for your dining room and provide a place for people to congregate or enjoy meals together.

When selecting a dining table, size is an important factor to keep in mind as this will determine how many people can comfortably fit around it. However, some tables may be able to accommodate more people than you initially anticipate when they come with extendability options which increase the surface area.

The shape of the table should also be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding what type of chairs you want – round tables often look best with curved chairs or benches while rectangular or square tables tend to look better with straight-backed chairs or stools. Additionally, if you’re looking for a more unique setup, opt for a combination of round and square tables by choosing a hybrid option such as an oval or octagon-shaped table!

Materials vary greatly when it comes to dining tables. You can find them in a range of materials from wood and metal to glass or stone. Each material has its own unique properties; wood is typically preferred for its traditional aesthetic but metal offers durability and strength while glass gives off a modern vibe that’s perfect for smaller spaces. Stone & marble is also becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to withstand wear and tear while still providing an elegant design element.

Overall, dining tables are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture that can easily transform any space – whether it's through adding extra seating capacity or incorporating interesting materials like marble into the design. With so many options available ranging from classic styles to modern designs, you’ll be able to find one that suits both your style preferences and budget needs!

Naken Interiors Piermount Dining TableFerm Living Bevel Double Extendable Dining Table - White Oiled OakRichmond Interiors Blackbone Extendable Dining Table - GoldLight and Living Biboca Dining Table - Grey

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are a critical part of any dining room, as they provide the seating capacity that is essential for sharing meals and conversation with family and friends. When selecting chairs, it's important to choose pieces that match the aesthetic of the table and blend in with the existing decor.

When considering dining chair materials, there are a variety of options available from wood to metal or even plastic - each offering its own unique properties. Wooden chairs are classic and timeless, offering a traditional look that is sure to fit in with any existing style. Metal chairs offer strength and durability while plastic is great for those looking for lightweight seating with a modern edge. Upholstered chairs are also becoming increasingly popular due to their comfortable cushioned design which makes them ideal for spending entire evenings around the dinner table with loved ones!

Picking dining chairs doesn't just depend on materials though - size is another factor you need to keep in mind when choosing pieces that will comfortably fit around your chosen table. If your space is limited then you may want to opt for compact designs such as armless styles while larger spaces may be able to accommodate more traditional pieces such as armchairs.

Overall, dining chairs have the opportunity to provide comfort and style alongside their natural practicality, making them perfect additions to any home! With a range of designs available ranging from classic styles to modern designs and

with so many materials available you can find furniture that meets both your taste and budget needs!

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Bistro Tables

Bistro tables are an excellent option, whether it's for your dining room, living area or even patio, bistro tables are a great way to add extra seating capacity without taking up too much space.

When selecting a bistro table, the size and shape should be taken into consideration as this will determine how many people can comfortably fit around it. Round and square tables are the most popular options as they offer plenty of legroom.

Materials vary greatly when it comes to bistro tables; traditional wooden pieces tend to look best with classic chairs or benches while metal, glass & marble work better with more modern furniture around them.

Overall, bistro tables provide an easy way to add extra seating capacity without taking up too much space - making them perfect for any room in your home!

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Bar Tables

Bar tables, a classic addition to any home, are perfect for creating an intimate setting whenever you have guests over and creating a focal point during any event.

Bar Tables are also prefect for spontaneous gatherings both inside or out as they can be moved and set up quicker than other kinds of tables due to their versatility.

Bar tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from traditional rectangular styles for larger spaces to round or square pieces that are ideal for smaller areas.

The overall style of your bar table should also be taken into consideration when shopping around; think about whether you want something traditional such as a piece that uses wood or if you’d prefer something more contemporary such as glass or marble top designs with sleek metal accents. Your choice will depend on the existing decor as well as your personal taste!

Overall, bar tables provide an excellent way to spruce up your living space with both practicality and style - giving any area an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining family and friends alike!

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Bar Stools

Bar stools are a great addition to any home, adding a touch of style and comfort while being highly practical. They come in a variety of styles, materials and colours that can complement any existing decor and offer extra seating when it's needed.

When selecting bar stools, the height should always be taken into consideration as this will determine how comfortable they are for sitting at. For instance, if you have a raised counter, then you may want to opt for a taller stool. Conversely, shorter stools are better suited to lower counters or tables. You'll also want to consider the overall width of your bar stools; too wide or too narrow can make them uncomfortable to sit on.

Materials vary greatly when it comes to bar stools; Wooden stools are perfect for more traditional interiors while metal designs work well in industrial-style spaces with stainless steel accents. Upholstered pieces offer comfort due to their added padding but can be difficult to clean so care should be taken if you have animals or children in your home.

Overall, bar stools provide an excellent way to add extra seating without taking up too much space - making them perfect additions to any room in your home! Just make sure your bar stools or chairs don't clash with the tables or counters they're placed against!

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Office Storage Furniture

Office Storage Furniture is an essential component of any modern workplace. With the right storage solutions, you can maximize your office's efficiency and productivity.

When it comes to selecting office storage furniture, there are many factors to consider. First, you'll need to determine the amount of space available in the area you plan on using. This will help you narrow down your choices and ensure that whatever type of furniture you choose will fit comfortably into the allotted space.

In terms of materials, metal and wood are common options for office storage furniture as they provide a durable solution that won't easily dent or wear down over time. You may also want to include plastic or other man-made materials in your selection if you're looking for something more lightweight or compact. Shelving units are a great choice as they can be stacked or used individually depending on your needs. If you're looking for something more permanent, then cabinets and cupboards are definitely an excellent option as they offer plenty of space for storing supplies, documents and other items with ease.

Overall, Office Storage Furniture offers endless possibilities when it comes to making sure that everything has its place while creating a clean and modern look in any work environment! With so many options available today, it's never been easier to maximize efficiency while maintaining a minimalistic aesthetic without sacrificing functionality!

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Office Desks

Office Desks are an essential component of any modern workplace. Having the right desk can help to improve efficiency, comfort, and productivity in your office space.

The material used for your office desk is another important factor as it affects both its durability and aesthetics. Wooden desks tend to be the most common choice as they offer a classic look that can fit into any style of decor. Metal desks are also popular due to their contemporary design but may not be suitable for all offices due to their industrial look. Glass desks provide a sleek modern design but may require extra care when cleaning due to fingerprints and smudges showing easily on the surface.

Overall, Office Desks are an essential part of any successful workplace as they provide additional storage solutions while creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages productivity!

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Common Errors

1. Buying furniture without measuring the space available

When you are buying furniture, it is important to measure the space you have first. That way, you will know if the furniture you want will fit in your room. Nothing's worse than a TV cabinet that is too small to fit your tv in!

2. Buying a piece of furniture that is too large for the room

When you buy furniture, it is important to make sure that it will fit in the room. It would be bad if you got something that looks too big for the room and overshadows or overwhelms everything else.

3. Buying furniture based on looks alone, without considering comfort or durability

When you buy furniture, it is important to think about more than just how it looks. Comfort and how often the furniture can be used without obtaining any wear-and-tear are two other things to consider before you make your purchase.

4. Choosing a style that does not fit with other pieces in your home decor

When you buy furniture, it is important to make sure the style matches your other furniture. Buying something that is different can make the room look strange and not as nice.

5. Not paying attention to details such as hardware finishes or fabric patterns

When buying furniture, make sure to look closely at the details like the hardware and patterns on the fabric. That way you can make sure it matches your other furniture and looks nice in your home.

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