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Modern Designer Swivel Chairs make for the perfect designer practical seating for both home and commercial spaces. Our Swivel Chair Collection ranges from office chairs to lounge chair. Complete your interior with a luxury swivel chair by Normann Copenhagen and Andrew Martin below. Order online today with free UK delivery on all designer chairs.


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Naken Interiors Menteng Lounge Swivel Chair


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The above collection of modern, designer swivel chairs ranges in style, colour, finish and shape with the Normann Copenhagen Swivel Chairs consisting of a minimal shape in numerous contemporary colourways and aluminium legs in either wheel or feet form. The simple shape and practical materials of the Normann Copenhagen Swivel Chairs above are for both home office spaces or commercial office spaces due to their curved shell seat that gently supports and moulds to the shape of your back and legs. The Normann Copenhagen Form series is one of the brand's most popular luxury swivel chair collection which is why the designers have created an extensive collection of designer Swivel Chair variations with the chairs ranging in seat colour, stand and leg style and armchair and basic office chair style. Unlike the Normann Copenhagen Swivel Chairs, the Andrew Martin  Chairs are more of a luxury lounge chair. The Andrew Martin Axel Chair, for example, consists of an all-encompassing faux leather material and a designer, luxury cushioned seat with a tall back that allows you to sit back and relax. The Andrew Martin Rainer Swivel Chair is also a largely cushioned modern chair design that takes on the appearance of a traditional brown antique leather armchair yet it sits on a contemporary metallic chrome stand and black plastic wheels. Whether you are seeking a modern swivel lounge chair for your living room, office or kitchen, the Andrew Martin designer Swivel Chairs are exceedingly comfortable. 

If you are seeking a modern designer swivel dining chair, office chair or dressing table chair, the Normann Copenhagen Form Chair series will be sure to add Scandinavian style to your interior design scheme. Alternatively, if you are seeking a modern designer swivel chair to sit back and relax in whilst reading the newspaper, the Andrew Martin Chairs make for the perfect choice.