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Luxury Designer Bathroom Accessories


Aquanova, Blomus, Sorema, Ferm Living and Wireworks are just a few of the designer brands belonging to collections of contemporary and modern Bath Mats, Towel Racks, Toilet Roll Holders, Bathroom Decor, Bathroom Mirrors, Laundry baskets, Towels and many more.

Modern and Contemporary Bath Accessories, Bathroom Decor, Soap Dishes, Bathroom Sets, Towel Racks, Toilet Roll Holders

Showcasing designer bathroom accessories, our range of exceptional pieces add the style and finesse you’ve opted for throughout the rest of your home to your bathroom. Naken Interiors focus on selecting the highest quality pieces for every room in the home and this includes ensuring our designer bathroom pieces are versatile and offer a range of luxury options for the modern bathroom interior.

Many bathrooms have a simple style with clean lines and not a great deal of built in furniture which is why designers such as those chosen by us at Naken Interiors produce such a great range of contemporary designer bathroom accessories which are often neutral in their colour scheme and style, so they can be incorporated simply and coherently with a range of different bathroom designs. Naken Interiors’ designers have been chosen because of their innovation and vision and because of the sheer quality of their pieces, as well as their commitment to the latest interior design trends and genuine talent.

We have chosen each of our innovative bathroom designers with care and consideration and believe in the quality of their work and their commitment to the latest developments and trends in interior design. Our designers include London favourites, Wireworks who began producing their high quality, luxury bathroom products in 1988 and have continued to innovate and add to their impressive range ever since. When it comes to their designer bathroom accessories their designs are much like many bathroom interiors, clean and simple, utilising natural woods and almost geometric designs. Their ranges include the large Mezza and Arena collections, both of which comprise of a wide range of individual pieces from the Mezza Freestanding Roll Holder to the Arena Revolve Cabinet. The expansive size of each range allows our customers to select a number of pieces from the same range and have an immediately cohesive and coordinating set of luxury bathroom accessories.

Our designer bathroom range also includes select pieces from Ferm Living, a design house known for its caring approach to design, putting its energy into crafting pieces with genuine attention to create warmth. Their luxury bathroom accessories extend across many different types of piece with a range of vibrant and attractive shower curtains to the simplistic style of both their Brass Toilet Paper Holder and Towel Hanger. Much like the ranges from Wireworks, Ferm Living have clearly made a commitment to consistency within their luxury bathroom pieces and even their mirrors, which are starkly different in design have the same Ferm Living feel about them.

At Naken Interiors we appreciate how those little extra pieces could be the difference between a blank canvas for a bathroom and a place in which you feel truly comfortable. Our range strives to ensure that you have a choice when it comes to the pieces for your bathroom and in the case that you have several to design, you can keep the designer bathroom accessories consistent throughout. Our range has been selected to ensure the latest trends in interior design are well represented whilst also ensuring only the finest quality it made available to our loyal customers

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