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Gin Glasses, Whiskey Glasses & Cocktail Glasses


View modern and luxury designer whiskey glasses, cocktail glasses, wine glasses and champagne flutes from contemporary brands Blomus, Design House Stockholm, Ferm Living, LSA and Normann Copenhagen. 

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Blomus Cono Latte Macchiato Set

Perfect for coffee lovers or luxury barista styled cafes and coffee shops that specialise in making ..

£21.00 £15.76
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Blomus Nero Thermo Macchiato Glasses - Set of 2

A traditional Caffe Macchiato is one of Italy’s most favourite drinks and it has grown in popularity..

£23.00 £17.26
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Blomus Nero Thermo Cappuccino Glasses - Set of 2

There is nothing as enjoyable as that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, the Nero Thermo ran..

£19.00 £14.24
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Normann Copenhagen Rocking Glasses

This Rocking Glass Set by Normann Copenhagen is a combination of a functional drinking glass which c..

£18.00 £10.44
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Design House Stockholm Timo Glass Toothbrush Holders - Set of 2

Timo Sarpaneva, one of Finland’s most prominent designers, called the Timo tumbler his finest glass ..

£30.00 from £21.00
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Ferm Living Ripple Long Glasses - Set of 4

Channelling a sophisticated feel with their rippled surface of the mouth-blown glasses, the Long Dri..

£49.00 £36.74
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Ferm Living Ripple Glass - Set of 4

Serve your favourite drink in style with the beautiful Ripple Glass – Set of Four, perfect for every..

£35.00 £26.26
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Blomus Nero Thermo Espresso Glasses - Set of 2

Providing you with the perfect receptacle for the most natural and enjoyable form of coffee in the w..

£15.00 £11.26
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Ferm Living Ripple Champagne Saucer - Set of 2

Toast your favourite cocktail or champagne in style with the beautiful Ripple Champagne Saucer perfe..

£29.00 £21.76
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Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

The Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glass is a traditionally designed brandy glass which has been enhanced..

£36.00 £25.20
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Blomus Lounge Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Cool your drinks without watering them down with the revolutionary Blomus Lounge Stainless Steel Ice..

£20.00 £15.00
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Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses

This Whisky Glass Set by Normann Copenhagen has been designed with elegance and exclusivity in mind...

£36.00 £30.60
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Normann Copenhagen Long Drink Glasses

This set of two Long Drink Glasses by Normann Copenhagen is a stylish pair which allows for a whole ..

£36.00 £25.20
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Normann Copenhagen Liqueur Glasses

This Liqueur Glass Set by Normann Copenhagen offers the traditional qualities of a liqueur glass but..

£32.00 £22.40
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Blomus Nero Thermo Coffee Glasses - Set of 2

The first cup of coffee enjoyed each morning is one of the biggest pleasures in many people’s day to..

£17.00 £12.76
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Modern Gin Glasses, Whiskey Glasses, Cocktail Glasses, Wine Glasses, Champagne Glasses and Highball Glasses

Like the other items in your kitchen, the right glassware can be as much as stylish item as any other piece in your home. Naken Interiors are dedicated to injecting modern and contemporary style into every part of the home and this includes dining, drinking and the kitchen. Our designer glasses range includes examples from recognisable British designers as well as those from further afield and our range includes functional and versatile pieces, some of which may be used for many different beverages whilst others are reserved for single types of drink. We recognise the need to provide a full range of glassware and our glasses are crafted with care and attention by their innovative and style conscious designers.

Whether you regularly entertain and hold dinner and drinks parties or simply require a full range of glasses for personal use, Naken Interiors collections have been chosen to suit you. Our range is made up of only the highest quality glasses and glassware, with pieces chosen for their effortless style and functionality. Our range demonstrates real innovation in modern design and showcases a selection of inventive designers whose glasses are examples of genuine style and class.

Our range includes striking examples of wonderfully designed hand-blown glassware by British designers LSA International. LSA designs are simple and rounded yet effortlessly stylish and elegant. The range is expansive and ensures customers who require a wide range of glasses have access to what they require, from simple yet graceful champagne flutes to quirky, less conventional stemless wine glasses for both white and red wine.

We also showcase the clean, simple designs of Normann Copenhagen whose well-designed Danish glassware which caters to a wide range of different environments and homes. Their spirit glasses in particular, including distinctively designed Liqueur and Cognac Glasses, Rocking Glasses and Whisky Glasses are crafted to perfection to deliver the ideal vessel for your chosen drink.

Our range also included the bright vibrancy of the designs of Jane Foster, whose tumblers coordinate with other pieces in the kitchenware range and bring a sense of fun and warmth to a modern family kitchen or dining room.

Naken Interiors strive to offer designer glassware that caters to a range of kitchen and dining environments and above all, maintains a sense of modern style in keeping with the latest interior design trends. Our glasses have been selected because they offer a wide range of different functions and ensure, if you are entertaining, you can offer the right glass for the right drink. We balance our British designers with those from around the globe to showcase the finest examples of contemporary design and demonstrate how even items as simple as glassware can be stylish and mirror the modern style of the rest of your interior.

Our designer glasses may be for special occasions or everyday use, you may display them visually or keep them in cupboards and the beauty of our range is that we have ensured there is a glass for almost every occasion, and in every instance the glass is of the finest quality and design.

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