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What’s the first thing you see when you look in the mirror in the morning? If your reflection is contorted or blurred (and you didn’t have a late night), then your mirror could be of a poor quality. This can make getting ready each morning very difficult and tiresome and at that time of day, you need everything to run smoothly.

Your bathroom mirror should give you a clear view of at least your face. If you can’t see properly shave or apply makeup, your mirror is failing you. Without a clear view, you could miss a spot whilst shaving or worse, cut yourself. Applying makeup in the dark is similar to applying makeup in a poor mirror - it will not turn out as you want it to!

At Naken Interiors, we believe a good bathroom mirror is not about vanity, it’s about proper personal care. Taking care of unruly eyebrows, putting in contact lenses, checking your teeth - all these things are pretty difficult without a good mirror to help you. That’s why we stock a range of designer bathroom mirrors to suit a variety of needs.

From designer frameless mirrors that are easy to clean to magnifying mirrors for close-up investigation, we have something for everyone. We also have mirrors made by a range of designers so that you can choose a style that matches other items in your bathroom or ties in with the rest of your home. 

There are two main types of modern bathroom mirror. Firstly, bathroom wall mirrors. Hung on either a wall or a door, these handy mirrors could be circular or rectangular but they usually offer a reflection of a large area. This allows them to be used for an overall look that allows you to see your head and sometimes the upper part of your body. They also help to reflect light around the bathroom, helping it to feel bright, welcoming and bigger than it actually is. Some of our designer wall mirrors contain built-in storage, which is really handy for small bathrooms that might be short on space like en-suites. We stock designer mirrors from Wireworks and ferm LIVING that offer innovative and modern shelf space.

The other type of mirror is the magnifying mirror These help you to see your face close up so you can cleanse, shave or apply makeup more easily. These can either be free-standing so you can move them into the light or attached to the wall so you simply pull or push them into the best spot. Some of our designer free standing Bathroom magnifying mirrors are double-sided, meaning they have a regular mirror on one side and a 5 x magnification mirror on the other, so you can flip them over to use the side that’s right for you.

Browse our entire range of designer bathroom mirrors here.

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