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Contemporary British brand Innermost have created a modern collection of designer floor and table lamp stands. The minimalist Tripod and Trumpet base uses modern materials and natural colours. 

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Innermost Trumpet Base - White

The tasteful Trumpet Lamp Base by Innermost has been designed to add modern, contemporary style in y..

from £80.00
Ex Tax: £66.67 Feefo logo
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Innermost Trumpet Base - Chrome

The Trumpet Lamp Base by Innermost has been designed to make a bold style statement in your home. &n..

from £91.00
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Innermost Tripod Lamp Base

The Tripod Lamp Base by Innermost is an exceptionally modern and original piece which gives you the ..

from £92.00
Ex Tax: £76.67 Feefo logo

Modern and Contemporary Floor and Table Lamp Bases for Lamp Shades

The lighting in your home is something you probably pay close attention to, as it can help highlight and illuminate those key features and also has a highly functional role to play. In addition to your ceiling lights, additional lighting in the form of lamps is one way of ensuring you have the full degree of lighting you’re looking for and the right lamp bases and shades can work in tandem to create a genuine design feature in your home. Naken Interiors offer a range of lamp bases in both table and floor lamp sizes and some in between. Our wonderful range of designer lamp bases are the starting piece you need to create a real lighting design feature in your home.

Innermost are the exception British interior designers behind the lamp bases range at Naken Interiors. They focus closely on the exceptional quality of their designs and each stage of the production process is treated with close care and attention with every last detail focused upon to ensure it is perfectly in keeping with the overall design aim and function of the piece in hand. Our fantastic range of lamp bases complements the wide range of Innermost lamp shades in our collection too.

Every one of our designer lamp bases has been chosen for its unique style and its originality. They include the simple yet effective Mini Cross Lamp Base, which provides a great base for a vibrant or colour-rich shade. There is also the Trumpet Base which can be bought in two sizes and two finishes, allowing the base to be coordinated with your chosen shade or the décor in the rest of your room. The beauty of the Innermost collection is it’s wide and varied and offers something which can work in almost any home environment, when teamed with the right shade.

Different designer lamp bases may suit different spaces throughout your home. Whilst you may want a large floor standing lamp in your living or dining space, you may prefer a desk or table lamp in your bedroom or occasional rooms. Whilst the lamp base may not be the key feature of your new lamp, it is still important and essential in fact for creating the overall effect you’re looking for and more than anything else providing the functional element of the lamp.

Naken Interiors lamp base range is designed to provide solutions for every type of home, with the simpler designs ideal for showcasing a stand out lampshade or simply providing light in a neutral and non-obtrusive way and the more striking designs, such as those in the tripod style, becoming a feature in their own right. The wide range of Innermost lamp bases in our range can be teamed with any number of the designer’s large lamp shade collection creating lamps which are unique to your home and create the impression you’re looking for. Whether you want simple and sophisticated or highly intricate and attention grabbing, there is something in our collection which fits the bill

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