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Modern Designer Bathroom Bins

Bathroom Bins

Aquanova, Blomus, Sorema and Wireworks are the designer brands that have a range of modern and contemporary bathroom bins. Available in a range of neutral colours copper, grey, black and durable materials such as luxury oak or stainless steel. 

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Blomus Muto Pedal Bins

The Blomus Muto Pedal Bin is a luxury, sleek asset for you bathroom interiors consisting of a simple..

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Aquanova Taco 3L Waste Bin

With eye-catching contemporary style and contrasting lid and base, the Taco 3L Waste Bin by Aquanova..

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Blomus Nexio 5L Pedal Bin

Constructed from the finest quality stainless steel, the Blomus Nexio 5L Pedal Bin is a sleek and st..

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Sorema New Plus 3L Pedal Waste Bin

Whether you are seeking a pedal bin for your home or commercial space, the Sorema New Plus 3L Pedal ..

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Aquanova Lura Copper Waste Bin

With a modern and almost space-age coolness about it, the Lura Copper Waste Bin is as much a feature..

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Blomus Nexio Bathroom Bin

Simple, classic style is evoked in this small but perfectly designed Nexio Bathroom Bin. It provides..

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Aquanova Ona 3L Waste Bin

Adding a real modern twist to the classic waste bin for the bathroom, the Ona 3L Waste Bin is part o..

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Wireworks Mezza Bin

Made by hand with close care and attention to both the design and using sustainable materials, the M..

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Wireworks Arena Bin

Made by hand with close care and attention to both the design and using sustainable materials, the A..

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Blomus Tubo Pedal Bin

The Tubo Pedal Bin by Blomus is a small and extremely practical small and slimline bathroom bin..

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Contemporary Bathroom Bins and Bathroom Pedal Bins in Small and Large, from brands such as Blomus, Wireworks and Aquanova.

We all know how frustrating it is when you to the end of the shower gel and have nowhere to put the empty bottle. Building up mess in a place that’s meant to be your sanctuary can destroy the tranquil atmosphere you’ve worked hard to create, which is why every bathroom needs a rubbish bin. Here at Naken Interiors we do not only provide bathroom bins, we provide designer bathroom bins that will be sure to suit your bathrrom design and will blend in to your tranquil space beautifully. 

In smaller shower rooms and en-suites, unnecessary mess is something you really want to avoid as with limited space, any clutter can look very messy very quickly and get in the way whilst you’re getting ready for work or cleaning up after a busy day. It’s at times like these when you really don’t want to see any mess in your shower room as that’s where you’re supposed to be able to get ready in peace.

Since bathrooms are often quite small and because you’re not working or cooking in them, it’s easy to forget about bins and you may even think you don’t need one at all. However, waste can build up in a bathroom relatively quickly. Empty plastic and glass bottles from shower gels, shampoos and lotions are an issue and more frequently, empty toilet rolls are rubbish that you need to deal with. Even things like cotton buds, cotton wool pads, facial wipes and dental floss cannot be flushed away and need properly disposing of. 

At Naken Interiors, we stock a comprehensive range of modern bathroom bins so that you can maintain a clean and tidy space with ease. From designer pedal bins with lids, to open waste bins that you can simply throw items into, we have contemporary bins to take care of all your bathroom rubbish.

The designer bathroom bins we stock are small enough to fit into little shower rooms and en-suite bathrooms. Their neat size also helps them to remain unobtrusive so they won’t distract too much from your interior scheme. In fact, with a choice of materials and colours, our collection of modern bathroom bins can actually match other items in your bathroom or fade into the background - you can choose what’s right for your space.

The brands we stock produce high quality products with tough mechanisms so you can use them over and over again without having to worry about breaking the pedals or lids. Choose from open waste bins made from natural bamboo from Wireworks or something a little more urban from Blomus. Our range of contemporary pedal bins from Aquanova is available in a choice of colours and finishes so you can let your bin blend in or stand out, depending on your bathroom style.

They are also available in a range of sizes from around three litres to five litres. This makes our range perfect for singles, couples and large families who need a beautifully modern bin to work hard at keeping the bathrooms and wet rooms free from waste.

Browse our colourful range of modern, designer bathroom bins below.

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