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The following page displays our vast collection of sleek and contemporary & designer office bins that will serve an everyday purpose to your home or commercial office space ensuring that your desks are free from paper waste and general office rubbish. Office bins and wastepaper bins are must-have office accessories for both home and commercial office space due to their ability to ensure that your paper waste, pencil sharpenings and lunch break rubbish is stored neatly under your desk in a tidy manner. As well as serving a purpose for storing your everyday office rubbish, designer office bins can help reduce waste as an individual office bin that is designated to each person in your office will educate your employees on the amount of waste they produce.
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Blomus Casa Wastepaper Basket

With a stylish cylindrical design which is minimalist, industrial and has an almost space-age feel, ..

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Ferm Living Rob Office Bin

A modern favourite, this metal basket is a perfect paper bin or a storage solution for paper rolls o..

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Blomus Symbolo Wastepaper Basket

The SLICE Wastepaper Basket, from the home accessory designer Blomus, is a minimalistic stainless st..

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Modern Waste Paper Bins and Office Recycling Bins by Blomus and Normann Copenhagen.

Many of the luxury office bins featured above are designs by renowned luxury German brand, Blomus. Renowned for their beautifully sleek stainless steel products, Blomus specialise in the design and manufacture of living room, garden, bathroom and kitchen accessories with many of their products featured in their vast portfolio being constructed by practical and beautiful stainless steel. The Casa Wastepaper Basket, Pako Wastepaper Bins, Slice designer office bin and the Symbolo Wastepaper Basket featured above are all office bin/ wastepaper bin designs by Blomus. All boasting a traditional cylinder bin shape, the Blomus office bins are sturdy and stand tall ensuring that waste is stored neatly and sturdily. The stainless steel material of the Casa Wastepaper Bin, Pako Wastepaper Basket, Slice and the Symbolo Wastepaper Basket is extremely practical as stainless steel is extremely durable, stain resistant and can be easily cleaned. Each of the luxury office bins by Blomus boasts a unique design. The Blomus Casa bin is a simple yet effective stainless steel bin design that features a matte silver stainless steel colouring finish and a semi-covered top that boasts a gentle slant encouraging your rubbish to fall into the bin when you throw it in. Available in two sizes, the Casa Wastepaper Bin is the ideal office bin for large offices with lots of people or a home office with a singular person needing a small office bin. The Blomus Pako bin is another stainless steel office bin design that boasts an ultra-modern appearance with an industrial twist through the cut-out hole styled cylinder wall of the bin that also acts as an indication of when the bin needs to be emptied. 

If you would prefer an office bin that is sleek, minimal and Scandinavian in design, the Tales Of Wood Bin by Normann Copenhagen is an elegant office bin that boasts an organic shape and natural wood material. The Tales Of Wood Bin by Normann Copenhagen will add exclusivity to your office with its refined shape and natural wood veneer in a choice of lacquered oak wood or walnut veneer. If you would like to explore our full Office Accessories collection please visit our dedicated page where you can find everything you need to ensure that your office is kept tidy and on-trend through desk accessories, office boards and other must-have office space decor items.