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Infuse your home with designer home accessories from modern brands such as Dutchbone, Blomus, Ferm Living, Zuiver, whether contemporary clocks from Lemnos and Cloudnola or designer mirrors from Dutchbone and Normann Copenhagen. 

Modern Home Decor, Wall Art, Home Office, Cushions, Candles, Clocks, Blankets and Ornaments

The pieces you choose to accessorise your home are often the ones which give your home a real flavour of your personality and taste. Those smaller homewares are the ones that you’ve spent time deliberating over or bought simply because the immediately appealed to you and we know what a difference they can make. At Naken Interiors we’ve put together an extensive range of home decor and home accessories to help you turn your rooms into homely and personalised spaces you can be proud of. From the most basic storage units to extravagant works of art and sculpture, our collection aims to satisfy and amaze. Our collection includes a huge array of different types of piece for your home. We offer an extensive range of stylish and modern clocks, including those by leading contemporary producer Lemnos. Japanese clockmakers Lemnos produce a broad range of wall and table clocks which create a truly stylish focal point or accent for your room. Other leading clock brands in our collection include timeless design classics from Vitra and cutting-edge Dutch style from Karlsson.

Home accessories can be found for every space in the home from the bathroom where accessories are essential for storage and functionality and our range includes the Scandinavian chic stylings of Blomus, whose range shows off the beauty of many different natural materials. Accessories also provide a functional purpose in the home office, where Ferm Living, another Scandinavian brand, stand out from our range. For a bit more colour and innovation in your space you can use a range of different home accessories from art and prints to soft furnishings. Our art range includes bold and captivating pieces from artists and designers including Don Theobald and Mineheart, both of which have their own unique style and add a real sense of personality to any space. Our soft furnishings collection includes separate cushions and throws sections with fine examples of the most luxurious materials and pieces from brands including the deluxe Pure Lana, the cool Ferm Living and the exotically inspired Nitin Goyal. Many of the soft furnishings available in our collections are designed to be coordinated with each other and allow you to create your own arrangements and styles in any space in your home. You can handpick the pieces which work for your space and there is plenty to choose from in our collection.

Smaller accessories are also integral to the overall feel of your space, with waste paper basket, trays, ornaments and mirrors amongst the other pieces we provide a range of for you to peruse and select which works best for your home. Our range of fireplace accessories, for example, is both stylish and practical catering to both open fires still in action and in an ornamental role for those that aren’t. The clue is in the name in this section of our website, we believe this extensive range of accessories turns your house into a home and allows you to add the finishing touches to your rooms to they feel welcoming, comfortable and entirely yours. Please explore our full collection below. 

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