Sustainable Packaging

Environmentally conscious packaging at Naken Interiors

At Naken Interiors we pride ourselves on our values. Decreasing our environmental impact is one of our main priorities in our mission statement setting us apart from our competitors. One of our main focuses is to reduce plastic and other non-recyclable waste when packaging your orders.

Following on from our environmental policy, we are incredibly conscious of our responsibility to the environment in terms of our carbon footprint and ensuring that we try to avoid non-recyclable plastic waste where possible. We are now giving you the option to have your products packaged using recycled or reused packagings such as cardboard boxes and paper in the checkout stage of the shopping process on our website (see below:)

If you opt to have your order packaged using sustainable packaging, this may include the following: 

Reused or recycled boxes

We receive hundreds of cardboard boxes monthly by both suppliers and brands that are often disregarded by our warehouse team as they often feature excess tape, stickers, branding and labels put on by our suppliers however they are perfectly suitable for ensuring that orders are protected during transit. Reused cardboard boxes may have small cosmetic defects such as marks, scuffs and very small tears however these are all insignificant when it comes to their ability to protect your order and the environmental impact of having to dispose of the boxes as they are deemed 'unfit for purpose' due to their imperfect appearance. If you choose 'yes' to have your order packaged using sustainable materials, your order will be boxed in a reused cardboard box when possible. We would like to emphasize that all Naken Interiors orders that are packaged using sustainable reused cardboard boxes will be packaged incredibly well by our warehouse team just as they would be if you were to receive your order packaged in a new cardboard box. 

Reused or recycled packaging

All of the products sold at Naken Interiors are of luxury quality with many of our products consisting of fragile materials. If you opt to have your order packaged using sustainable packaging, bubble wrap will often be replaced with recycled paper that has been used to package deliveries from our suppliers where possible. Paper is recyclable and decomposable, unlike bubble wrap. Extremely fragile orders may be sent out using reused bubble wrap to ensure that your order is delivered with utmost safety and protection from damage caused in transit, however, this will only for products that consist of glass and fragile materials. If bubble wrap is needed to ensure the safety of your order (yet you have chosen to have your order to be sustainably wrapped) it will be used as sparingly as possible. Reused and recycled brown paper is just as effective as bubble wrap as it will be scrunched up and used in bulk inside the sustainable reused cardboard box for utmost padding. 

Paper Tape

If you opt to have your order packaged using sustainable materials, we will replace plastic brown tape with self-adhesive kraft paper tape. Unlike plastic tape, kraft paper tape is environmentally friendly due to its biodegradable quality and will, therefore, help us to achieve our mission of reducing our impact on the environment. Kraft brown paper tape is ideal for packaging all orders and will securely hold together our reused cardboard boxes, wallpaper cylinders and other forms of sustainable boxing. Please note: when opting for sustainable packaging, your order may arrive with plastic tape on the re-used cardboard box from when the box was originally sent to us. We only reuse plastic packaging, we never buy it in unless you do not opt to have your order sustainably packaged. 

Postal Bags

Occasionally, we may package your order in a postal bag which are not reused however they are recyclable at most recycling centres. At Naken Interiors we only use postage bags that have been made using 95% recycled materials. 

At Naken Interiors we do NOT buy in any form of non-recyclable plastic packagings such as plastic air cushion packaging, plastic airbag packaging, polystyrene or foam packing. If you find that your Naken Interiors order has been packaged using these materials it is only because we have re-used them from a supplier delivery. If you choose to have your order sent using sustainable packaging, the materials used will be recyclable or reused. Occasionally we may have to buy in Kraft Paper for padding if there isn't any to reuse. Kraft Paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is recyclable and decomposable.  

Sustainably sourced packaging can be used for all orders both large and small where possible. This service is free of charge and is part of our mission to try to decrease our carbon footprint and environmental damage caused by non-recyclable plastic. If you choose to NOT opt for sustainably sourced packaging your order will be packaged in brand new boxes and packaging which may contain plastic bubble wrap. You can find out more about our Environmental Policy here. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Express Checkout Customers

When placing an order on the Express Checkout, we will automatically opt you into our sustainable packing scheme. In order to offer a faster checkout service, we must cut out questions and processes, and as sustainable packing is the most appropriate for the environment, we have chosen to automatically opt Express Checkout customers into this scheme.