Designer Square Coffee Tables

Designer Square Coffee Tables

The modern square coffee tables below consist of designer tables in different materials, finishes and colours that utilise the square table shape, to fit in with your interior design plans perfectly. Choose from the modern and contemporary furniture designers and brands below and create a coffee table that makes a difference to your room.  Not just a practical table to place your cup, but a modern square coffee table will become an integral part of the interior design. Buy now, with free UK delivery on all coffee tables.  

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Ferm Living Distinct Coffee Table

Originally inspired by Japanese minimalism, the Distinct Coffee Table explores the creation of compl..

£1,393.00 £1,184.00
Ex Tax: £986.71 Feefo logo

Dutchbone Boli Coffee Tables - Set of 2

Dutchbone’s Boli coffee table is a set of 2 tables. The top is made from decorated glass and creates..

£241.00 £216.90
Ex Tax: £180.75 Feefo logo

Garden Trading Butlers Square Coffee Table

The Garden Trading Butlers Square Coffee Table is low set and elegant yet extremely useful..

£350.00 £315.00
Ex Tax: £262.50 Feefo logo

Designer & modern Coffee Tables

The design led, modern square coffee tables above, is testament to the ever enduring square shape that table design and manufacture has used for millennia. Indeed, the ever popular square shape is used all around us, from plates to the layout of our towns and cities. The town square is something which is immortalised in global culture, so it is no wonder that designer coffee tables should embrace the history and aesthetic beauty of this shape, but also the practical purpose for placing coffee down as you chat with friends and family. Naken Interiors understand that a modern designer square coffee table often becomes an important part of your interior design, so investing in a high quality piece of furniture is a popular choice. These square tables not only shows their class through the materials and colours on display, but also through the timeless appeal of the square shape.