Final Touches to Express Style and Give a Lasting Impression

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The best way to express style and give your home the aura you want is by paying attention to detail; easily achieved through well thought out accessorising. With many approaches to consider, we have summed up a few of the most effective methods below:

Transform with the seasons

If you like to keep up to date and want this approach to be reflected in your living spaces, then one of the best methods is to adapt with the seasons. Now obviously, redesigning your entire interior every few months would be incredibly expensive, not to mention quite unnecessary when the same result can be achieved by adding some simple seasonal accessories. Refresh your home for summer by adding a few simple and affordable accessories from us that have the ability to transform your home with the season. Take a look at these vibrant cushions, rugs, and shades that have the potential to give summer warmth:

Grouping accessories:

Small, singular objects can disappear or look out of place in a room when displayed on their own. By grouping a select few items together you can add body to your accessories giving them more of an impact. Try staggering the heights of your accessories on a bookshelf or creating lines of symmetry with your wall hangings to utilize this effect. It’s quite a simple method to implement if you follow the general rule of thumb; odd numbers of recurring fixtures tend to look more natural and effortless when incorporated into your design scheme. See the idea below where a range of AquaNova accessories have been combined alongside the stone/marble theme already present in order to fully emphasise it:

Contrast and cohesion through texture:

Introducing texture to your home can be a great way to express style. This is most effective when you have a set theme, and colors and textures can combine and contrast within it, in order to help this theme come through and give an impression.  For example you may have a minimalistic theme, which can be brought to attention through the contrast of materials that provide textures in line with this value, such as copper, a natural element with monochromatic qualities. Like these two soap pumps from AquaNova  which contrast against the natural wood backdrop but stick to theme due to their simple look and natural element.

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