Lyon Beton

Contemporary Industrial Concrete Furniture & Accessories from Lyon Beton

Lyon Beton’s iconic furniture including benches, tables, chairs and home accessories are all made from durable and stylish concrete. Modernise your living and kitchen area with the designer Concrete Bistro Table and Hauteville Chairs.   

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Lyon Beton Nuclear Plant Pot

Add industrial chic to your home or commercial space with the incredibly unique and modern Nucl..

from £85.00
Ex Tax: £70.83

Lyon Beton Hauteville Rocking Chair

A characteristic twist on a classic rocking chair, the Lyon Beton Hauteville Rocking Chair is a..

Ex Tax: £1,041.67

Lyon Beton Monoblock Coffee Table

Featuring a minimalist design which offers function as well as style, the Monoblock Coffee Table by ..

Ex Tax: £729.17
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Lyon Beton Pipeline Stem Vase

The Lyon Beton Pipeline Stem Vase is a vase like you've never seen before. Constructed from the..

from £175.00
Ex Tax: £145.83

Lyon Beton Grey Matters Book Ends

Incredibly distinctive and tongue and cheek, the Grey Matters Book Ends by Lyon Beton, are two ..

Ex Tax: £70.83
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Lyon Beton Dice Storage Module

Designed to store your everyday essentials inside or on the top, the Lyon Beton Dice Storage Module ..

Ex Tax: £537.50

Lyon Beton Life In Progress Clock

A bold and contemporary clock design that can be a table clock or wall clock, the Lyon Beton Life In..

Ex Tax: £170.83

Lyon Beton Hauteville Plywood Chair

The Lyon Beton Hauteville Plywood Chair is one of the many concrete chairs by French luxury fur..

Ex Tax: £582.50

Lyon Beton Hauteville Dining Armchair

With the appearance of a classic armchair, with a bit of a retro feel, the Hauteville Dining Armchai..

Ex Tax: £912.50
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Lyon Beton Sliced Concrete Wall Shelf

Perfect if you love industrial home decor style, the Lyon Beton Sliced Concrete Shelf is a simple ye..

£125.00 from £106.30
Ex Tax: £104.17

Lyon Beton Hauteville Low Armchair

Combining sophistication and modern design with an industrial touch, the Hauteville Low Armchair by ..

Ex Tax: £875.00

Lyon Beton Concrete Magazine Holder

With fun, modern style and inspiration from the heart of the contemporary world this fun and quirky ..

Ex Tax: £204.17
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Lyon Beton Cloud Toilet Roll Wall Storage

Add something original and whimsical to your bathroom which also delivers true functional purposes w..

£160.00 from £136.00
Ex Tax: £79.17
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Lyon Beton Perspective Coffee Table

The Lyon Beton Perspective Coffee Table is a bold, geometric design that fuses sharp and sleek ..

from £1,090.00
Ex Tax: £908.33

Lyon Beton

Lyon Beton offer a very niche yet exceptional stylish range of products, all crafted from concrete. The French design studio focus on creating concrete furniture with practical purpose but also with a striking design element. The duo behind the brand work tirelessly to create modern pieces for the home which have a premium, one-of-a-kind feel and everything they create is constructed from 100% handmade concrete. Lyon Beton are passionate about concrete and what it can offer the modern living space. They spent five year developing a unique concrete, entirely their own and use it in the construction of their wide range of household items and accessories. Their concrete has been tried and tested and found to be the best possible mix to design furniture from and it also features metal and fibrous elements which add to its longevity in the home. The beauty of all the pieces in the Lyon Beton collection is that they are versatile, can be enjoyed in a wide range of spaces in the home, even outdoors.

Lyon Beton treat their concrete with the utmost respect and this includes choosing their finishes with care, allowing the natural grain and movement in the concrete to be appreciated and enhanced. They offer pieces which feature perfectly rounded, neat corners and others which are rougher and more industrial in their design, further showing the true versatility of their chosen materials. Their main showroom is in Villefranche sur Saône and they exhibit regularly at international fairs including High Point in the US, Cologne in Germany and China’s Shanghai. Lyon Beton inject contemporary creative flair, humour and style into each of the pieces in their collection. From the quirky yet fashionable design of the Cloud Toilet Roll Holder to the futuristic style of the Zest Bridge Stool there is something powerfully modern about all the pieces in the Lyon Beton range.

Lyon Beton openly admit that they have an interest in the unusual and they want to use concrete to create objects which are unusual and appeal to people looking for something a little different and entirely new. With each piece in the Lyon Beton collection it is clear to see that the industrial, mundaneness usually attributed to concrete is gone as it has been revolutionised and given an entirely new meaning as it is used to create everything from bar chairs to coffee tables to stools. The stark grey nature of the Lyon Beton collection could be viewed as missing something but we believe it really stands out as a way of adding something effortlessly stylish and boldly contemporary to your space and the neutral colouring means you can add a piece of concrete to almost any style of modern home. It lends itself well to minimalist spaces but the versatility in each piece means it can be worked into many different styles of home and is bound to attract attention and discussion. You can view the whole Lyon Beton collection at Naken Interiors by looking below.