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Sian Elin

Sian Elin is a Wales-based illustrator, designer and sewer who set up her own brand Sian Elin, in 2012, designing, printing and creating colourful designer Cushions, Lampshades and Wallpapers.

Sian enjoyed deigning and drawing when she was a child and has grown up to have a passion for it ever since. She has a great desire to design and create interior products and she does an excellent job of it, hence why we sell here products here at!

In 2012 Sian set up her brand Sian Elin, which was launched at the well-known interior design trade show, Tent London. Since then Sian Elin has gone on to sell her product and brand throughout the UK and across the globe. Her products are available online and across many independent interiors stores in the UK, Poland, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand. Sian has also gained a lot of recognition since the start, including Sunday Times Top 30 Fabric & Wallpaper Designers, and can see why.

Throughout Sian’s designs, you can see a strong element of individuality which is why the brand is so unique and intriguing. Most of the design is influenced from traditionally Eastern patterns which are then joined with the modern twist of Scandinavian design. She takes Mediterranean, Indian and Israeli shapes and designs from the architecture and cultures and turns them into something truly amazing and unique.  Sian travels frequently to get new ideas and inspirations and one design can take as long as six months to produce.

Sian Elin is a truly British company with the design and manufacture of all products here in the UK. All of the patterns are illustrated by hand by Sian in Wales, once perfected the designs are then set up on a printing screen, where Sian makes finishing touches and perfections. Once everything is perfect and ready for printing, the fabric for the Cushions and Lampshades and the paper Wallpaper is printed in North England. Only the highest quality paper and fabrics are used, and only water-based eco-friendly inks are used. Once the fabric is printed, they are then sent to Sian Elin in Wales, where the fabric is then sewn into cushions covers and filled, or the fabric is crafted into lampshades. The wallpaper is made into sizable rolls and packaged.  

Buy a designer Cushion, Lampshade or Wallpaper, lovingly drawn, designed and made by Sian Elin in the UK. See the collection below. 

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