Modern Wallpaper by NLXL

With their stunning designs and eclectic approach to interior design, NLXL is the perfect company for you if your home needs some personality. With a focus on contemporary scrapwood floor designs as well as concrete or tile effects in an otherwise modern space they will create something unique tailored just right!

NLXL has won multiple awards for their stunning home décor pieces which are perfect to be used as stylish modern interiors accents or focal points within your space while keeping their affordable prices!



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NLXL Scrapwood White & Blue PHE-03 Wallpaper - 16104

The Scrapwood PHE-03 Wallpaper by NLXL is a Cream, Beige, Brown, Blue and Green coloured wallpaper d..

£175.00 £70.00
Ex Tax: £58.33
60 % OFF

NLXL Brooklyn Tins Small Pink TIN-06 Wallpaper

With beautiful pastel tones complementing the wonderful ornate tin-pressed design of the image mimic..

£285.00 £114.00
Ex Tax: £95.00
60 % OFF

Modern Wallpaper, Brick Wallpaper, Marble Wallpaper and Wood Wallpaper from NLXL

NLXL is a company with a difference and an aim to become the 'smallest global company in the world' they are winning awards and making headlines wherever they go.

NLXL was established in 2010 in the Netherlands by dynamic duo Rick and Esther Vintage. Drawing inspiration from the urban environment around them, they create stunning Wallpaper designs which are unusual and edgy in style. 

One of the key things about NLXL wallpaper is that unlike other patterned wallpapers, NLXL wallpaper designs feature no pattern repeat. This ensures that every wall looks slightly different and no two rooms feature the exact same finished design.