Coffee Table Design Options | Modern & Designer Coffee Table Trends

Posted by Naken Interiors Design Trends 03/11/2021 0 Comment(s)

There are many different options available when choosing a modern or designer coffee table.   A coffee break is of course one of the periods of each day, where we can relax and take that well deserved break to enjoy each other’s company. Often, taking coffee can also be an important social occasion, when meeting family members or inviting people to our homes for the first time, so understanding modern coffee table trends is an important piece of research when deciding on which table & furniture we choose.

There has been traditionally a wooden finish to many tables in the past, which remains a popular option, however, with many more materials available and stunning forward-thinking designs, the trend for the next few years offers a varied and exciting prospect. There is a modern trend which mixes materials such as wood and glass beautifully and creates stunning shapes with a modern and exciting look & feel.  Alongside the opportunities for modern design trends, there is inevitably a hark back to earlier traditions and retro coffee tables which continue to trend and be popular.

Aside from popular materials such as metal & glass options, more sustainable materials have also become popular, with climate change becoming more and more at the forefront of our minds. The recent trends for coffee tables seem to be divided into a large retro table option, through to utilising modern different shades of glass and metals and more.

Using various metals has also become popular with products such as the Nkuku coffee table here, which mixes sustainability with beautifully crafted modern materials. Whatever your interior design tastes and once you have considered all of the coffee table trends available, browse the Naken Interiors range of coffee tables, which delivers the full range of modern and up to date trends, to enable you to choose the right trend that suits you and your families tastes here.