An Introduction to Lighting Trends and Themes 2016

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There has been a huge increase in the use of metal in the design of contemporary lighting of recent, with a flux in the demand for copper and brass especially, due to their malleability in creation, inspiring some out of the ordinary work with a robust end product. Paired with their stainless monochromatic finish, there are some real eye catching pieces that have the potential to be stand out ones on a simple backdrop, or the ability to be blended in more colour intensive environments. Here are some of our favorites from It’s about RoMy:




Continuing with the theme of less is more, deconstruction is a big trend for 2016. With some designers being very literal in this sense creating some incredibly bare feeling pieces that defy the logic of ageing when combined with certain elements, to create a dramatized contrast, with a modern aura. Take a look at this example, where a purposefully incomplete lamp has been paired with an electric blue cord that takes center stage to create a striking effect on the eye, removing the question of its otherwise dated look or relevance in the modern world:

Like the idea? Have a browse of Universo Positivo’s range of lighting on our website that embraces the theme, with designs like the one below:



Furthering into the industrial theme that deconstruction embraces, concrete is a massive theme for 2016. With its raw look it makes a bold statement in any home, and is more modern in the material sense than its natural counterpart copper; a periodic element, bringing urbanization behind the front doors instead of outside them. See how this trend has been embedded into the lighting scene by brands like Decode and Gant Lights, which are both stocked here at Check these examples below, with Decode’s incorporating the idea of dramatised colour contrasts as mentioned earlier, showing how the latter two trends can be integrated:



Visit for more ideas and inspiration, and the brands mentioned.