2020 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Our bedrooms are often a place of sanctuary and have evolved over the years, as all art, fashion and décor always do.  Even its name has evolved from the bed chamber, in the 1500’s to the modern-day bedroom and the myriad of different styles, decorations & bedroom furniture available today. 

Minimalist Bedroom

Sometimes the phrase ‘less is more’ really can be a powerful decoration technique, making certain bedroom accessories stand out, without being lost in clutter and confused themes. Using neutral colours as a backdrop and injecting bright and bold colours into cushions and lighting, such as matching red’s or purples creates an eye catching beautiful effect to our room.  The use neutral yet contrasting wallpaper colour of a feature wall can also be incredibly effective, such as dark grey wallpaper against a white theme. 

Neutrals and Chrome Bedroom

The use of chrome within our bedrooms never ceases to add a touch of class and sophistication. It is possibly the similarity to silver and perceived value, or simply the attractive and reflective aesthetic itself, but using chrome light fittings and matching picture frames for example, always works. Chrome works particularly well with bedside tables, using black shades with chrome bases that tie in perfectly. Neutrals colours seem to frame the stunning effects of chrome bedroom accessories perfectly, but as chrome is essentially a neutral itself, all colour schemes match and create a classy look and feel to your room. 

Luxury Designer Bedroom

The bedroom is almost the perfect place to indulge yourself and add a luxurious feel to the room, as it is a place to avoid the typical distractions of life and enjoy the space with comfort and luxury. The wonderful aspect of creating a luxurious feel to your room, is luxury is not necessarily about colours, so you can choose your favourites, it is more about the materials used.  Velvet cushions and matching designer bed throws are a simple, yet hugely important part of a luxury décor. The use of luxury bedroom lighting is a must also, with designer pendant lighting being a stunning addition and an all-important finishing touch which is worth every penny of the investment. Afterall, creating your own place of luxurious escape is the whole idea. 

Retro Style Bedrooms

Using history to inspire our bedrooms décor opens up a huge world of possibilities. We are able to completely replicate styles and eras such as the opulent Victorian splendour, or we can simply let an era influence us rather than a complete replication.  There is everything from fun themes like 1970’s chic, through to Edwardian styles, achieving symmetry and clean lines. We are in a fortunate position regarding the huge back catalogue of Victorian wallpapers, which allows a transformational impact of colour and patterns to our bedrooms with ease and speed. Using wallpaper to create the décor of a bygone period or an influence of a period, is hugely effective and certainly worth exploring the designs and colours for inspiration. Cole and son wallpapers for example, have patterns and history stretching back to 1875. 

Gold themed Bedrooms

We are all aware of the sheer opulence and sense of grandeur that using gold within a bedrooms colour scheme can bring, but also a subtle hint of gold with accessories or bedding can create the same feeling, without becoming over powering. Using gold coloured cushions matching in with gold or yellow bedside table lamps for example, works particularly well.  For a Regal finish to a master bedroom, a gold chandelier or gold pendant lighting creates a stunning centre piece and focal point to the room, which is difficult to beat.  The addition of gold coloured stitching within designer duvet covers or bedding sheets can be a subtle, yet luxurious finish and to a bedroom, tying in grander gold pieces effortlessly. 

The ideas for bedroom décor are endless and thankfully, the availability and sheer range of bedroom accessories, wallpapers, bedding, bedroom rugs and more, allows creation and inspiration that is only limited by our imagination.  Whether we want to use modern environmentally inspired interior design, or bedrooms that that simply reflect our own tastes and colour preferences, everything is possible and our bedrooms can become our own special place we can be proud of.