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Posted by Naken Interiors Hints, Tips and Information Design Trends 24/11/2021 0 Comment(s)

Furniture is of course an essential part of any home and there are many rooms and different styles and finishes to choose & think about. The different interior design trends that have been prevalent over the last few years have tended to be a mixture between an older feel but more significantly, the new & more modern materials and design.

There is also a trend for the combination of the classic furniture look harking back to a bygone era, but with a modern twist. This remains strong and on trend during 2021 and this retro feel is predicted to continue during 2022 and beyond. However, by contrast, new and innovative design, along with minimalistic styles & materials also has seen a significant rise in popularity.  This more modern trend has been accentuated by bold new furniture designer collections, along with more sustainable materials and the use of imaginative design.

Modern trending furniture often includes hugely attractive clean lines and often space saving techniques suitable for the modern world and how we live. With this in mind – there are many different sizing options available in the modern furniture world. As there is also an increase in more neutral colour schemes for walls and flooring, more bold pieces and bold colour furniture schemes are certainly on trend and continue to be so. The ability to make statement pieces within our home with patterns & colours that are not only beautiful, but also a significant addition to the identity of a room is all important.

We are all aware of the eco-friendly & sustainable direction that the world and the UK is taking, so those creating collections and supporting manufacturers who have a genuine eco theme and ethos during making furniture are tending to win far more in the modern era. Companies such as Nkuku have made significant strides towards our collective goal yet retain the integrity of design as well as a truly eco-friendly ethos.