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Discover an entire range of inspiring and innovative wallpaper designs from Zinc. Each vibrant and contemporary design will integrate style and originality to the walls of your home or commercial space.

Modern Wallpaper, Metallic Wallpaper, Luxury Wallpaper and Unique Wallpaper from Zinc

Back in 2010, Zinc was launched into the fashion and design industry as one of the most innovative and exciting brands to watch. The modern brand introduced urban and cutting edge patterns and prints to the forefront of design. Inspired by the psychedelic and colourful style of 1970's, Zinc focuses on fabrics and wallpaper coverings that present monochromatic colour palettes with accents of bold colour and intricate patterns. With guidance from creative genius Justin Marr, the collections belonging to Zinc convey exclusive prints that will introduce refreshing and fascinating designs to completely transform your interior design scheme. Over the years, the brand has grown their reputation for producing inventive prints that will bring a unique and inviting aesthetic to the walls of your home or commercial space. The reputation they have gathered has brought them to prestigious events such as London Design week. Giving them the platform to show their newest collections of fabric and wallpapers to eager guests and other brands. The above collection shows the four modern and contemporary wallpaper collections including Scope, Escape, Glamorama and Surround. 

One of their designer collections includes the stylish Scope collection, consisting of natural materials to produce a coarse and handmade aesthetic. The materials of the wallpapers within this range boast grasscloth, cork, woven raffia and pearlescent mica. The natural elements of these designs introduce a sense of luxury and opulence, each design is highlighted with stylish metallic details that will display an elegant sheen. Each design within the Scope collection offers a variety of natural shades with accents of vibrant colours. To make a bold statement, the wallpaper coverings belonging to the Escape collection contains confident and fresh patterns featured upon a neutral colour palette and intriguing metallic highlights. On the other hand, if you're looking for elegance and glamour, the Glamorama collection says it all in the name. Consisting of exclusive geometrics, outstanding Zig Zag stripes, glistening metallics and impressive colour pairings. For breathtaking and striking large-scale prints, the three dramatic marbling effects belonging to the Surround collection will make the perfect addition to bring luxury and opulence to the home. 

We know it can be difficult to find the perfect wallpaper straight away. So here at Naken Interiors, we have created a collection that consists of every Zinc wallpaper from all of the collections that have been mentioned above, to give you the easiest user experience. To find out more about the modern and contemporary collections they offer, please visit our dedicated Zinc brand page. Zinc is part of the Romo group, to view other brands we represent from this group. Please visit our brand page here

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