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Xander Wallpaper Collection by Villa Nova

Explore a variety of stylish and modern wallpaper coverings by British brand Villa Nova. Belonging to the devoted Xander collection. With wallpaper designs Zeta, Dmitri, Sascha and more.
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Colourful, Patterned Designer Wallpaper

Introduce a warm and inviting mood to the walls of your home or commercial space with intriguing patterns, textural embossed finishes and striking colours belonging to the Xander wallpaper collection. Produced by British brand Villa Nova, the distinctive brand focus on creating a series of engaging and contemporary collections that include styles and colourways to suit a variety of personal preferences. The Xander collection offers a range of plain and semi-plain weaves combined with embossed and metallic effects. Therefore, to bring a sense of opulence, drama, and luxury to your home decor, a design from the Xander collection is the ideal addition to the walls either domestic or commercially. 

All prints developed by the designers at Villa Nova have been influenced in their design by elements of nature, fashion and art exhibitions. The Xander collection, in particular, varies from neutral textural patterns to abstract artistic designs. One of the stylish prints that convey one of these styles is the Sascha wallpaper covering. The layout portrays a design that has been inspired by the form found in ornamental glassware. The ascending linear pattern gives the impression of fragments of glass, this design lures you in and lets your eyes get lost in the complexity of the pattern. Therefore, if you are struggling to find a little extra for your kitchen, bathroom, living room walls, the Sascha could be the perfect addition.

On the other hand, perhaps you are attracted to a calmer colourway and design, the Yelena wallpaper features a plain colour that has an alluring embossed texture and gentle sheen finish. The design is not too overpowering but will lift the mood more than just a plain colour. The Xander continues to deliver in design and style. Both the Etta and Issy wallpaper designs convey bold geometric prints and inspiring colours. Unlike delicate floral wallpaper designs that feature in the Hana collection, the Issy wallpaper portrays florals conceptually, the design shows a botanical theme and produces a unique and abstract pattern of leaves. Similarly, the Etta wallpaper generates a pattern of vibrant layers of shapes and graphic lines. Available in a series of inviting and pleasant colour schemes, the Etta wallpaper is a perfect choice for the lovers of a retro decor. 

For every stylish designer wallpaper you see within the Xander collection, there is a matching set of modern floor rugs and cushions, perfect if you prefer a coordinated interior design scheme. If you would like to find out more about the designers behind the collections of Villa Nova, please browse our devoted brand page here

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