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Makela Wallpaper Collection by Villa Nova

Originating from the Browse a variety of stylish, alluring and contemporary wallpaper designs belonging to the Makela collection shown below.
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Colourful, Patterned Designer Wallpaper

Renowned for their use of characterful patterns, eclectic designs and decorative fabrics and floor rugs. British brand Villa Nova is a prestigious brand that strives to bring a sense of luxury and opulence to various types of interior design spaces. Each wallpaper collection portrayed in our devoted Villa Nova page focus on a selection of designs that use both bold and muted colour schemes, as well as designs that incorporate metallic lustre and shimmering finishes. What separates Villa Nova from other wallpaper brands is their capability to coordinate a range of designs in their cushions and floor rugs range to their wallpaper coverings. Therefore, giving you the ability to introduce the same pattern and colour of your choice to your entire interior design scheme in fabric and wallpaper. One of their more abstract wallpaper collections is the Makela series. The collection consists of vibrant and bold designs that can make perfect unique statement walls, or can be used throughout the home or commercial space. For subtle geometrics, vibrant colours, simple beading and metallic accents explore the Makela collection above. 

One of the alluring designs that evoke a bold and vibrant print is the Makela and Makela Mono wallpaper, both designs convey a bold and oversized poppy design. The original Makela produces a series of vibrant colourways whilst the Makela Mono generates neutral monographic tones in the same pattern. This stylish design has been created with the sur-flex printing technique, this method replicates hand-block printing and therefore produces a unique hand painted appearance as the finish for the design. From bold florals to geometric mountainscapes, the Berg wallpaper design displays the layering of vertical and horizontal lines that give the impression of an abstract form of mountains. This design is conveyed with a muted coloured base and lighter tones to highlight the pattern. For a funky and vibrant 60's inspired print, the Ida wallpaper conveys overlaying shapes of a modern geometric pattern that focuses on a range of multi-colours. The Ida print is a busy one, so seek to pair with minimalist furniture with softer colours to get the most out of the design. 

For each elegant designer wallpaper found within the Makela collection, there is a matching set of contemporary floor rugs and cushions, ideal for those who prefer a coordinated design space. If you would like to discover more about the creative designers behind the collections at Villa Nova, please browse our dedicated brand page here

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