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Modern Designer Wallpaper by Villa Nova

Villa Nova Wallpaper
Explore contemporary and luxury wallpaper coverings belonging to designer brand Villa Nova. For modern and stylish patterns suitable for all kinds of interior design spaces. Please view our dedicated collections below.

Modern Wallpaper, Contemporary Wallpaper, Pattern Wallpaper, Floral Wallpaper, Geometric Wallpaper and Children's Wallpaper from Villa Nova

Villa Nova is an exclusive British brand that specialises in modern and contemporary fabrics, wallcoverings, floor rugs and cushions that can bring an inviting and unique aesthetic to your home or commercial space. Focusing on a variety of on-trend colours, plain and semi-plain weaves and eclectic designs, there is a product perfect for any interior design scheme. What makes Villa Nova such a distinctive brand is their ability to coordinate their range of cushions, floor rugs with their wallpaper coverings. Giving you the ability to integrate the same colour and pattern throughout your entire design scheme. Or if you prefer an eclectic appearance, you can mix and match wallpapers with pieces from their other stunning collections. 

Inspired by nature and abstract art, the luxurious collection below contains a variety of designer wallpapers of luxurious styles, intriguing patterns, and muted colours. Each collection has designs in it that have a similar distinctive style to one another. For the design schemes that prefer soft and neutral colourways, the Impressions and Imprints collections attain a range of textured vinyl designs that evoke earthy tones including eucalyptus green, smoke grey, dusky blue and many more. On the other hand, for soft pastel colours, florals and artistic brushstrokes, the Hana collection contains vinyl embossed wallpapers that will bring a soft sense of the outdoors into your interior. Additionally, to make a statement with vibrant colours and patterns, designs from the Makela collection contain bold and bright colours, soft geometric prints paired with luminous metallic highlights. Prints from this series will stylishly add colour and depth to the walls of your home or commercial space.

From one statement collection to the next, patterns from the Renzo vinyl wallcoverings are embossed with textures and patterns. Styles have been inspired by textures found in architectural structures in urban environments, including distressed materials such as concrete and plaster. The painterly, illustrative effect produced on these designs will add texture, tone, and depth to your walls. Similarly, the Xander collection produces non-woven and vinyl wallpapers that evoke abstract patterns with embossed effects. Highlighted with shimmering accents, the designs from the Xander collection can be used to illuminate your favourite furniture. Here at Naken Interiors, we have made your browsing experience as easy as possible by separating each collection. However, if you would like to view the entire range of modern and contemporary wallpapers from Villa Nova, view our All Villa Nova Wallpaper page.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a unified design scheme, Villa Nova's range of stylish soft furnishings coordinate perfectly with one another. Look no further and explore the inventive British brand above, Villa Nova

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