Anthology | The Entire Anthology Wallpaper Collection
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The Entire Anthology Wallpaper Collection

Designer Wallpaper Collection by Anthology contains modern and contemporary collections of vibrant, bold and colourful prints. Browse the entire wallpaper collections such as 1,2,3,4,5 and Definition Collections. 

Modern and Contemporary Wallpaper from Anthology

The following page displays all of the contemporary luxury wallpapers by prestigious British home furnishing brand, Anthology. If you love colour, faux finishes, delicate textures and modern design, the Anthology wallpaper collections will suit you and your interior décor scheme. Every luxury wallpaper design featured in the Anthology 1 Collection, Anthology 2 Collection, Anthology 3 Collection, Anthology 4 Collection and the Anthology Definition Wallpaper Collection can be found on the following page. 

Anthology are renowned for creating stylish and dynamic colour and pattern focus wallpaper designs, whether you are seeking a fashion-forward wallcovering for your entire room or a singular accent wall. Anthology specialise in taking a simple yet classic concept such as natural textures, architecture or the construction and deconstruction of woven fabrics and applying contemporary design techniques and colour combinations to create a series of unusual and awe-inspiring decorative wallcoverings in numerous on-trend colourways ranging from sophisticated dark tones to soft, light airy light tones to bright and vibrant shades. If you are seeking a bold and mesmerising wallpaper design, the Anthology Definition Wallpaper Collection features designs that feature ground-breaking textures that reflect the shape, style, pattern and colour of geological influences such as natural crystals. This bold and unusual luxury wallpaper collection features the brightest designs in the Anthology Wallpaper portfolio with colours ranging from striking teal blues to jewel purple tones and mesmerising neutrals. These alluring designs will add extreme impact to your home or commercial space through mesmerising, luxury fusions of colour and details. The Anthology contemporary wallpapers will suit numerous rooms with each collection featuring a selection of colours ensuring that each individual pattern matches another allowing you to mix and match designs to liven up or calm down your interior décor look. The designers behind this modern wallpaper brand are continuously looking to create new visual effects through both abstract and expressive art techniques as well as textured papers to create tactile wallpaper designs that will add depth and dimension to your walls.

Explore the extensive contemporary art wallpaper collection by Anthology with over 200 luxury wallpaper designs featured on the following page. If you have a specific colour you are looking to adhere to, simply use the filter to the left of your screen to select a specific colour to streamline your search. If you crave contemporary spaces, sleek finishes, moody metropolitan colours and uncompromising innovation iconic wallpaper brand Anthology will have a design to suit you. If you would like to find more about Anthology and the rest of their collection, please visit our dedicated Anthology brand page.  

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