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Seletti My Lucky Horn Gold Memorabilia

A Cornicello is an Italian amulet worn for luck and to protect from the ‘evil eye.’ A Conicello is a..

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Seletti is an Italian designer Furniture, Lighting and Home Accessories brand who design and manufacture a selection of unique products. If you are looking for purely individual, unique and quirky interior design pieces that Seletti is most definitely the brand for you.

The Seletti brand was started in Mantova, Italy in 1964 by Romano Seletti and the business stayed small for a number of years. In 1972 Romano asked his friend Luigi Goglio to become a part of Seletti and they then decided to spend a lot of time in the far-East looking for ideas and products. Luigi was an expert in international business and had experience with doing business in China. Between Romano and Luigi, they created a new venture to become one of the first companies to start importing home products into Europe. The products they imported were Bamboo products, tableware and textiles; these kinds of products were what China was producing a lot of at the time. When it hit the 80’s, the business really started to take off, so Romano offered his children Stefano and Miria to work with him at Seletti. Stefano was only 17 years of age and was still a student, but continued to work with his father and accompany him on his trips to the far-East, now which was extended to China, Thailand and India. Obviously, at such a young age, Stefano was taking in and learning a lot which would set him up for business later in life. A few years on and Seletti was a very large distributor of Asian homewares, throughout Europe.

Stefano Seletti had a great eye for the products and always knew what would sell best, so he then decided to start designing some products and asked the manufacturers to make some of his products. In the early 90s the business began to grow again, so Luigi Gogilo’s son Luca came on board to take over the international relations of the business in place of his father, while Stefano and Miria Seletti stayed office-bound. This then allowed the company to design and produce products other than just arts and crafts, and they moved into designer porcelain, metal and glass products. With these new products being manufactured in the new materials, Stefano began to then experiment more and more with products, making them very individual and different to anything else on the market. This is where Seletti’s products stand today; unique, different and individual products for the home.

Here at Naken Interiors we love individual and unique designer Furniture, Lighting and Home Accessories for the home, so towards the end of 2014 we became a retailer and stockist for Seletti UK. One of our favourite products from Seletti has to be the Multi Lamp Floor Lamp – it looks like the flood lights from a football pitch and they have an awesome effect. This head-turning, unique floor lamp comes in Black or White and would look great in an industrial styled interior space. Another one of our favourites is the Sending Cow Dresser – this is a dresser with character and will make an ideal talking point at a dinner party in anyone’s dining room!  It’s made from plywood for a modern industrial look and is shaped like a cow. There are also family members of the Sending Animals Furniture range with the Sending Pig Low Dresser and Sending Goose Side Table.

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