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Papilio Bogata Rug

The Bogota Rug by Papilio is a modern and contemporary floor covering for the modern home. Sophistic..

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Papilio Rugs

Papilio is a recognisable name for all interior design followers, as their rugs stand out due to their unique combination of stylish colours and traditional weaving techniques. Papilio strive to offer the highest quality rugs as well as considering value in many of their creations and their extensive collection includes rugs made from unique materials, thanks to their team of fine textiles technicians with the experience to craft exceptionally weaved creations from almost anything.

Papilio Rugs are included in our collection because of their extreme quality but also because of the versatility in the range. The unique eye for detail and the height interior style are what keep Papilio producing rugs that capture the eye of the modern consumer and there are pieces for every room in the home.

All pieces in their whole collection are crafted by hand and are made with the highest levels and care and attention for a wide and wonderful range of materials. Many of the rugs are simply cotton, wool or other everyday fabrics but some incorporate other unique materials such as banana fibres and even bicycle tyres. They have achieved recognition for the exceptional quality of their rugs and their many recycled pieces have seen them pick up awards and much recognition in the industry.

One of the stand out features of the Papilio Rugs collection is the way it manages to offer both minimalist, simple designs alongside stand out pieces which have bright and bold colourways and even incorporate vibrant patterns. With this diversity Papilio Rugs are great for most rooms in the home, with some lending themselves well to children’s rooms and nurseries whilst others are ideal for any other space in the home, with their softer colourways lending themselves to spaces with a neutral décor. Opting for a brighter, bolder rug could be a way of turning a room into a space with real personality and the rugs in this collection offer the highest levels of quality and a mixture of interesting materials are used across the collection. As well as the banana fibres and recycled tyres rugs, Papilio make use well known eco-friendly materials such as bamboo to create rugs which means they have been recognised for their commitment to sustainability and their environmentally friendly designs that still look modern and contemporary and perfect for many different styles of home.

Papilio Rugs source recycled materials sustainably, from cottons to leather and many more, and they craft all their pieces using expert textiles technicians paying close attention to detail. They are proud to offer luxurious and designer products with price tags that appeal to the wider marketplace and allow for a range of choice in almost every price bracket.

Choosing between Papilio Rugs may be one of the few problems you have as so many have such a vibrant and eye-catching appearance and are designed to appeal to a wide range of contemporary homes, no matter what your interior design style.

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