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Papilio is a Belgian design brand that specialises in producing a wide range of brightly coloured, patterned and exceptionally well-made rugs. They create stylish collections and concepts using the ideas and innovations of some of the finest textiles technicians out there. As well as producing exceptional textiles, Papilio innovate in the design sphere and have achieved awards for their unique eye for detail and interior style.

Papilio are based in Belgium and are part of the larger interior textiles group Belgotex International. Their designs have been recognised internationall with their recycled rugs receiving both a Red Dot Delight Award and a Henry Van Velde Design Label. With a modern approach to design Papilio has a team of both concept designers and creative directors who are supported by the rug making textile technician specialists who ensure the art of rug making is instilled into every piece in their collection.

The rugs in the Papilio collection are handmade with care and use the finest materials to deliver results which are both striking and can be final jigsaw piece to take your space to completion. They have achieved recognition and acclaim for their recycled rugs which suit a more eco-conscious consumer, whilst also being ultra-fashionable and contemporary in design. Papilio also offer their modern style at a price tag which is attractive and proves that designer doesn’t always have to break the bank and neitheir does exceptional quality.

The Papilio Rugs collection at Naken Interiors incorporates both their quirky and originally designed pieces alongside those with a more traditional feel. We have a mixture of their bright and bold pieces, including the Wicked and Peace rugs, alongside those such as the Krabi which are minimalist and neutral, easy to blend in with a wide range of differently styled spaces. Some of the rugs in the Papilio collection lend themselves especially well to children’s rooms whilst others can easily be worked into any room in the home. Whether you have a preference for bright or muted shades there are Papilio rugs which fit your style and when you do opt for one of their brighter pieces you could see it as a way to add that much needed colour to a neutrally designed room.

Papilio Rugs are true to their philosophy that ‘design doesn’t have to be expensive’ which makes their rugs popular as well as stylish. Their ability to bridge the gap between contemporary style and traditional colour palettes allows for their range to appeal to a wide range of different consumers. You can browse their collection at Naken Interiors and see the diversity in their range from the rainbow bright Stripe rug to the muted yet stylish Nora and the texture-driven Season Rug. Many of the rugs in the Papilio collection are also available in a range of colours giving customers even more choice.

You can browse the full range of Papilio rugs available at Naken Interiors below.

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