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Modern Purple Table Lamps and Desk Lamps

Explore our vast range of modern Purple Table Lamps and Purple Desk Lamps below. Ideal Bedside Table Lamps, Office Lamps, Work Lamps and Side Table Lamps, the following page displays numerous designer Purple Table Lamps that feature unique styles allowing you to choose the perfect contemporary Purple Table Lamp for your interior design scheme!
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Skyline Design Globe Light

Giving a touch of real modern style to your home, the Globe Light by Skyline Design is multifunction..

from £81.00
Ex Tax: £67.50 Feefo logo

Moree LED Shark - Multicolour


Ex Tax: £166.67 Feefo logo

Moree LED Shark Accu - Multicolour

The LED Shark Accu: this statement piece is guaranteed to grab the attention of guests and visitors...

Ex Tax: £208.33 Feefo logo

Contemporary, Modern Purple Table Lamps, Designer Desk Lamps With Purple Finish

Whether you are in need of a modern Purple Table Lamp for your home or commercial room, we have a vast array of beautiful Table Light designs that will illuminate your space in an eye-catching and opulent manner!  The above Enrico Zanolla Purple Table Lamps, Moree Purple Table Lamps and In-Es Art Design Purple Table Lamps are all incredibly unique in character, form, materials and style allowing you to choose a modern Table Lamp that will suit your interior design taste and overall room aesthetic. Light up the room with one of our Table Lamps. Ideal for reading in bed or relaxing in the living room, Our Purple Table Lamps have a softer, smaller pool of light than overhead designs – perfect for creating a calmer ambience. In our range, Purple shades and natural materials create a rustic feel, while sleek metals and sculpted shapes have more of a modern effect. Many of the above Purple Table Lamps can be adjusted and manipulated in order to create a versatile directed pool light that allows you to highlight your bedtime reading or workspace. If you would like to view our complete collection of luxury Table Lamps and Desk Lamps as well as our full light collection, simply visit our dedicated Lighting page. 

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