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Contemporary Designer Alarm Clocks

Browse the stylish and modern Alarm Clocks collection from renowned clock brand Lemnos. The designer alarm clocks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for all minimal interior design schemes.

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Lemnos Nocturne Alarm Clock

With a modern simplicity and real practical function, the Lemnos Nocturne Alarm Clock is elegant and..

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Lemnos AY Alarm Clock

Simplicity is the key with many Lemnos timepieces and in this case it’s no exception. The bedside ta..

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Lemnos Block Alarm Clock

Innovatively crafted from solid wood, the Lemnos Block Alarm Clock takes its name from its construct..

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Lemnos Riki Alarm Clock

Perfectly compact and stylish to the finest detail, the Lemnos Riki Alarm Clock is a smart and moder..

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Lemnos Awa Jiji Alarm Clock

A handy and portable alarm clock which is designed to ensure you wake with ease in the morning, the ..

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Contemporary Nordic Alarm Clocks from Lemnos

Lemnos is known an internationally renowned brand with an exceptional range of clocks in many iconic styles. They design pieces to suit every space in the modern home and the stunning craftsmanship and care that goes into each clock is evident. Lemnos are committed to exceptional design and thorough attention to detail and whilst Lemnos are still in some ways a rarity and uncommon, in others , hey are the epitome of modern, evolving clock design. The following page displays the numerous designer analogue alarm clocks by this contemporary brand. An alarm clock is an essential everyday accessory that plays a part in waking you up for the day via a loud alarm. The contemporary designer alarm clocks by Lemnos range from different colours, shapes and materials. Every alarm clock featured on this page consist of a clear and concise clock face and a prominent button on the top of the clock allowing you to turn the alarm off. All of the modern alarm clocks are small and therefore portable allowing you to take the alarm clock with you to business or leisure trips.

The Awa Jiji Alarm Clock is a striking, round alarm clock design and features a monochromatic white and black clock face with large and clear clock face numbers. Constructed from either matt black coated aluminium or silver aluminium, the Awa Jiji Alarm Clock is neutral in colour allowing you to place it in any interior design scheme and colour palette. This little, characteristic alarm clock by Lemnos features two little aluminium feet ensuring that the clock sits sturdily on your bedside table or dresser surface. The other round luxury alarm clock by Lemnos is the Riki Alarm Clock, a beautiful alarm clock design available in four different finishes/ colours and four different clock face number fonts to compliment the colour of the clock. The Lemnos Riki Alarm Clock is crafted from a solid wood frame and a classic white clock face, complete with large, serif fonts and traditional large dials fused together in a way which makes them look both modern and timeless. The Riki Alarm Clock has a sweeping movement which is virtually soundless and powered by an AA battery. The other quirky yet classic and therefore timeless alarm clocks featured in this versatile category feature a square cube design constructed from the highest quality wood. If you are looking to inject a pop of vibrant colour to your interior design scheme, the AY Alarm Clock by Lemnos is a fun alarm clock with a cube shaped wooden frame and a clock face in a choice of three different colours. The Lemnos Block Alarm Clock also features a choice of three different coloured clock faces in a choice of either brown, natural wood to match the frame or white.

To find out more about the other products in the Lemnos collection and everything else in their range, please visit the Lemnos brand page.

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