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Contemporary Designer Wallpaper, Cushions and Rugs From Harlequin

British luxury home furnishing brand Harlequin has designed a collection of contemporary and modern cushions, rugs, wallpapers and rugs. Each product is made from high-quality luxury materials and bold patterned colours. 

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Harlequin Purity Gigi 111183 Wallpaper

The Harlequin Purity Gigi 111183 Wallpaper in harbour grey is a simple, decorative contemporary wall..

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Harlequin Entity Vertices 111704 Wallpaper

Available in four beautiful pastel colourways, the Harlequin Entity Vertices Wallpaper design will a..

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Modern Cushions, Rugs, Wallpapers and Rugs

Harlequin are a British luxury home furnishing brand with a product portfolio of contemporary wallpapers, floor rugs and cushions with designs varying in colour, pattern, style and media. Decorate your home or commercial space with this brand’s statement, diverse range of luxury wallpapers and home accessories ensuring that there is something to suit all individual interior design tastes and colour palettes.

The Harlequin iconic wallpaper designs epitomise elegance and style perfect for both the fashion-forward and traditional design style due to every design featuring a classic concept combined with boundary-pushing design techniques and innovative, on-trend colour palettes. The Harlequin wallpaper offers a vast collection of almost 40 breathtaking wallpaper collections. The Harlequin wallpaper collection is designed to inspire and awe with its striking motifs and bold colours. The vibrant colours are perfect for feature walls in a room that needs a visual focus for a bold and eye-catching interior décor scheme. With a collection of premium textured wallpapers, Harlequin offers powerful imaginative wallpaper designs for dull walls. The rich heritage style wallpaper designs are featured in seven unique collections with each collection featuring an individual concept for a coherent set of stunning designs that will add style and impact to your interior space whether you are looking to decorate your home or commercial space. A decadent collection of lustrous wallcoverings in rich seductive colours with designs varying from classic damasks to graphic geometric shapes to sea-inspired soothing illustrations combined with beautiful textural patterns to create a modern, fashionable collection that will indefinitely add glamour to your walls. If you are seeking a plush, luxury cushion to match your chosen Harlequin wallpaper, the stunning Harlequin collection of cushions features both rectangular and square cushions in a variety of colour palettes ranging from bright and vibrant to soft and neutral. Each cushion design matches a specific wallpaper design, for example, the Limosa Cushion matches the Limosa Wallpaper enabling you to create a coherent interior design décor scheme. Alternatively, if you re seeking a new, vibrant cushion to add a pop of colour and design to transform your bed or sofa display, the Harlequin contemporary cushion collection features numerous on-trend patterns, textures, illustrations and colours to suit a variety of interior spaces.

The Harlequin designer floor rugs are bold, vibrant and extremely beautiful with rugs being suitable for both adult and kids spaces. The following Harlequin floor rugs consist of uplifting colour palettes that are similar but do not match the other Harlequin products. If you love high fashion, the Harlequin floor rugs will captivate you and your guests/ customers with the fusion of traditional and contemporary working together for timeless floor rug designs that will warm your hard stone, wood or tiled floors or will add a extra layer to your plain coloured carpets. All of the Harlequin rugs are carefully constructed from 100% hand tufted pure wool.

Explore the different wallpaper, cushion and floor rug collections below or scroll down to discover the full Harlequin collection of wallpapers, cushions and floor rugs on one page.

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