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German lighting brand Formagenda creates bold and eye-catching modern lamps, pendants, table lamps and wall lights. Formagenda’s contemporary style of lights ensures to work well in modern colour palettes.  

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Formagenda is a German lighting company which specialises in the creation of bold and eye-catching lamps which they describe as standing for ‘emotion, shape and character’. The lighting label was launched in 2008 by Hamburg designer Benjamin Hopf and he launched the brand as well as running his own studio. The Formagenda collection has evolved organically and there have been many design awards won by both the designer and individual pieces in the collection.

Discussing his label, Hopf says: ‘I want people to form a lively relationship with our products’ and this is clear to see when you look at the designs and also the names they have been given. Many of the designs have been inspired by actual people or characters rather than just abstract ideas. There is a playfulness in many of the designs which makes them eye-catching and surprising and helps even the most basic shapes become more interesting and intriguing.

Hopf began studying his foray into the design world in the 1990s, studying Design at the Miami International University of Art and Design and then Industrial Design at the Polytechnic University in Munich. He finished his studies with an MA in Design and in 1996 began working for Siemens Design. In 1998 he stepped out on his own, with a partner, with the launch of the Büro für Form design studio with Constantin Wortmann. It was in 2007, one year before the launch of Formagenda, that he launched his own office studio where there is a focus on interior and product design as well as lighting. He has a wide range of clients with recognisable brands included there, such as Next, Habitat, Osram and Serien Lighting. As mentioned Hopf has received many international design awards including a Design Plus Award, an Interior Innovation Award, a Bonaldo Design Award and a HEWI Innovation Award. It was the Cohiba Suspension Lamp, part of the Formagenda collection which was Hopf achieve his Design Plus Award in 2008 and like many of the other pieces in the range it is a deceptively simple and minimalist piece which really comes into its own when illuminated.

There is an interest in the unusual in Formagenda’s pieces and many of them initially appear quite simple but it’s only on closer inspection and enjoying them form many angles that you can actually appreciate how striking they are. The collection incorporates wall lights, table lamps and pendant lamps and many of the ranges within the collection include more than one of these lighting types, so you can create a coordinated and consistent space utilising several Formagenda pieces.

It’s the little details and the small elements of each of Formagenda’s pieces which make them captivating and ensures they stand out. Many of the pieces are available in a series of different colours and finishes to give you even more choices when choosing the right piece for your home.

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