The Waves Rug Collection by Louis De Poortere

The Louis De Poortere Waves Rugs give a wonderfully calming and artistic representation of various wave environments that will ensure your home has a relaxing and stylish look and feel. Order your Louis De Poortere rugs from Naken today and experience the stunning impact of these wonderful wave inspired rugs within your home with Free UK delivery. 

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Modern and Contemporary Waves Rugs

Choose from the Louis De Poortere Waves Rugs on the page above. From the blue Nile wave rug showing blue ripples in to the shore line through to the Lovina beach rug and more. No matter what your colour scheme or preferences, you are assured of a stunning rug with an truly artistic impression of the relaxing influence of water and gentle waves we all love. With all the quality you would expect with any Louis De Poortere rug your home or commercial space will benefit from a hard wearing and beautiful rug that brings the ocean and the waves subtilty in to your room with a touch of class.