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Contemporary Designer Wallpaper by Borastapeter

Swedish brand Borastapeter has a selection of colourful, luxurious patterned designer wallpapers. Amorina, Arne, Bersa, Bladranker, Koksvaxter, Melodi, Poeme d Amour, Pottery and many more are The Scandinavian Designers collections available to browse.

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Colourful Designer Wallpapers

One of Sweden’s oldest, most renowned wallpaper brands, BorasTapeter house a variety of bright and exciting designs. The brand continues to innovate classic, Scandinavian designs in order to gain a modern twist using colours and prints that are unique to the brand.

Waldemar Andrén founded the company in 1905 as he believed that wallpaper should be produced on a large scale and accessible for all to have beautiful walls in their homes. BorasTapeter quickly became the leading manufacturer of wallpaper in Nordic countries. Today BorasTapeter designs are available worldwide and the brand continues to grow with innovative designs. Borastapeter’s intricately hand painted wallpapers have been featured in Swedish homes for centuries with the main inspiration behind the exciting designs being the environment of Sweden – nature, the climate and Nordic light. For this reason, BorasTapeter’s wide archive of prints are exclusive to them and the classical Swedish influences are reflected in past and future designs.

The exclusivity of the brand is also created through having a talented team of house designers working tirelessly on developing and creating new collections to make the designs. Nature is an important factor and inspiration for BorasTapeter resulting in an ongoing cause for concern for the environment. The production process of the brand’s unique print collection consists of a mix of old fashioned printing production methods and new methods. The brand’s designs are not only timeless and stylish; they are environmentally friendly too. The paper is sourced from a re-planting paper mill and dyes are purely water based.

BorasTapeter’s collections are filled with typical Nordic storybook-like expressions such as deer grazing. Other collections are reflecting the simplistic Nordic aesthetic with pastel, muted colours and very small intricate patterns creating a romantic feel and strong, feminine aura. Despite the variety of prints, colour palette and content all of the designs by BorasTapeter reflect the timelessness. This versatility ensures that the designs are suitable for modern city apartments ranging to rural, farm house cottages. 

Here at Naken Interiors we stock an extensive range of BorasTapeter’s wallcoverings ranging from their bold, vibrant and busy ‘Scandinavian Designers II’ and ‘In Bloom’ collections featuring bold, colourful grandiose florals from the soft and muted ‘Linen’ collection featuring soft pastel colours and light textures. 

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