Brand Of The Month - Wireworks!

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Why we love Wireworks!

Wireworks don’t just design a product, they design the whole experience focusing on the practicality, texture and feel as well as the aesthetic qualities. Every object is stripped back from unnecessary details ensuring that the end product is extremely minimal and practical with its form being the overall focal point of the brand's Kitchen/ Bathroom/ Living Room accessories. This beautifully minimal brand design and manufacture home furnishings with high quality Oak Wood for a natural and quiet interior colour scheme perfect if you are looking for a designer furniture piece that blends into you home decor without being garish. Explore this pratical brand and its cleverly made products below where we have featured a few of our favourites! 


Wireworks is one of our favourite simple yet effective lifestyle homeware brands here at Naken Interiors with their product portfolio ranging from Kitchen Acessories to Living Room Accessories and Bathroom Accessories. Below are a few of our favourites from each of the three categories with all of the products consiting of a strong and elegant form with a beautifully simple aesthetic. Click on the images in order to be take to the product page.

Swing Top Pot

With a stylish modern appearance which has been innovatively designed as part of a large range of kitchen and dining accessories, the Oak Swing Top Lidded Pot by Wireworks blends in beautifully with a wide range of modern kitchen interiors. Crafted with absolute attention to detail each pot is made from solid oak which has been oiled to bring out the grain of the wood and also accentuate its quality. The pot features a swinging lid which, when opened, creates the figure of eight which has been used as inspiration as it is a lucky symbol in Asian culture. American white oak is chosen because it is a sustainable material and it has been designed specifically for storing rock salt and ensuring it’s to hand as you need it. To maintain the lidded pot you simply need to wipe it clean with a damp, soapy cloth, rinse it briefly and then dry it off. 

Oak Olive Bowl

The Olive and Pits Bowl is made up of a larger circular bowl to hold your chosen olives and then a clever little attachment in which to hygienically and conveniently put the unwanted pits. It has been crafted with care by hand from solid white oak and it takes inspiration from the figure of eight which is known as a symbol of luck in Asian culture. Your olives can be served with ease from the larger element and the pits can be disposed of simply thanks to the pit element. 

Spice Lab Spice Rack

One of the most popular pieces in the stylish kitchen accessories collection by Wireworks, the Spice Lab Spice Rack is a playful and attractive way of storing your favourite spices and seasonings. Offering a refreshing alternative to the classic spice rack design with a look which is more like something you’d find in your chemistry classroom. It is designed to store dried herbs and seasonings in a stylish yet convenient way.

Damien Sqaure Side Table

With a truly functional design that also manages to offer real modern style, the Wireworks Damien Square Side Table is the perfect occasional piece for your living room or bedroom. It is designed to be highly functional and versatile and its bold, square shape has the clean lines and contemporary style in keeping with other pieces in the Wireworks collection.

Bookie Bookcase

The Wireworks Bookie Bookcase consists of five shelves and is a freestanding design. It does not need to be against a wall. There is no front or back, for an open plan space, in an alcove, against a wall, this design works equally well. Use as a single piece or in multiples. Intuitive, graduated shelf spacing means smaller paperbacks go at the top and tall coffee table hardbacks at the bottom. 

Treasure Trove

Showcase precious things with special meaning in a display case curated by you. Contents can easily be changed; the display cover simply lifts off. Showing multiple cases and combining different sizes in groups creates added impact. Available in three sizes, find the right size for your objects. Check inside case dimensions to make sure of a comfortable fit. Store and display your ornaments, books, trophies and other items that you want to show off and keep dust free!

Mezza Grande Towel Rail

With a stylish slim profile and multifunctional, differently heighted rails, the Mezza Towel Rail by Wireworks adds function to the negative space in your bathroom and is a highly functional and effortlessly chic addition to any modern bathroom space. It stands freely and is attractive with its natural wood grain and its small size means it truly can fit into those compact bathrooms that need a little extra storage but aren’t sure where to put it.

Mezza Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder

The Mezza Freestanding Roll Holder features a long stem stand which holds a single toilet roll in place and the base has a storage element which is home to up to three spare rolls. You have stylish storage in addition to the primary function of the roll holder. Each holder is constructed from high quality solid oak which has been finished with a clear lacquer to provide water resistance as well as a smooth finish to the piece. For convenience and further practicality the Mezza Freestanding Roll Holder also features silicon feet to its feet which ensures the base doesn’t move once it is in place, so it doesn’t slip or slide when the floor is damp. 

Slimline Cabinet 550

The Slimline Cabinet 550 by Wireworks has been recognised for its modern style and real contemporary edge. It has been selected by GQ Magazine in their New Essentials feature and has attracted attention from other style publications. It is easy to see why at the Wireworks Slimline Cabinet 550 is on the cutting edge of modern style and features high quality materials combined in a contemporary, original way. With a calm minimalist style enhanced by its striking super slim oak profile with mirror edge, the 550 is a cabinet which is both versatile and functional, as well as beautifully stylish.