5 Key Wallpaper Themes to Consider:

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If you’ve decided on using wallpaper in your interior design or contemplating whether to, then you should consider these five key themes, each possessing different qualities and characteristics that have the ability to transform your walls.  


Geometric wallpapers are all about intricate patterns and vivid graphics, through well worked repeats. Meaning that they are both eye catching and well balanced, and can be used for for a feature wall or as a staple wallpaper. This concept is prominent in the two examples below, with both Ferm Living and Cole & Son demonstrating well balanced repeats but eye catching potential through metallic elements.  demonstrating well balanced repeats but eye catching potential through metallic elements. 


Tropical is a trending theme in 2016, capturing the essence of flair with South American vibes. Playful, textured, and bursting with colour and character, these wallpapers will bring your room to life, keeping you in vogue for the remainder of the year. See these pieces below from Cole & Son, where green palms and pink flamingos are celebrated for their natural warmth in colour. 

Faux Industrial:

Faux wallpaper is very popular at the moment, with interior decorators constantly looking to save time and money so with their incredibly life like look it’s the perfect alternative to real walls. Industrial is one style that works particularly well in this case, with textured designs like concrete and wood having the potential to make rooms look rugged and untouched, staying true to the inspiration behind their design.  These wallpapers are perfect for creating unaffected and unpolished looks in modern spaces, or restoring the original look of walls without paying the restoration money, through clever optic trickery. Take a look at these examples from NLXL below.


Whimsical wallpapers are inspired by childhood stories, plays and fairytales, which can be seen through their magical and playful persona. Take a look at both of these pieces from Cole & Son, and see if you can guess the story behind them. The latter paper is a variation of the backdrop commonly used in the famous Punch and Judy puppet show, with the design originally taken from 17th century character Punchinello’s recognizable harlequin style attire. These wallpapers are fitting for children’s bedrooms, but perfectly adult enough for other rooms in the house. 


Metallic wallpapers provide your walls with a gleaming finish and shine, reflecting natural light back into the room, outlining every little detail of their design. Looking at these two designs below, metallic paint has been used to place emphasis on their original design features, such as the marbled effect on the piece from NLXL. These wallpapers work best in well-lit rooms, or when direct light is placed on them, bringing radiance and luminosity to otherwise dull spaces.

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