Aquanova Bath Robes | Designer Bath Robes & Dressing Gowns by Aquanova

Designer Bath Robes by Aquanova

The Bath Robe Collection from Aquanova contains modern and contemporary bath robes such as the Einar Bath Robe and Viggo Bath Robe. The designer bath robes from this collection are made from either 100% organic cotton or bamboo and polyester. 

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Aquanova Einar Bathrobe

Hold on to that relaxed feeling for a while after your bath and snuggle up in this warm, luxurious b..

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Aquanova Viggo Bathrobe

Warm and masculine in design, this Viggo Bath Robe is a comfortable and bold design from Aquanova. T..

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Designer Bath Robes

The following page displays the designer bathrobes by Dutch luxury homeware brand Aquanova. A bathrobe makes for the perfect dress to wear after you have stepped out of your bath or shower or it can be the perfect nightwear piece to keep you warm around your home in the winter months. Aquanova has designed three luxury bathrobe designs with each design consisting of a different texture/ material and all come in an array of both feminine and masculine colours to suit your taste and interior design scheme. Aquanova are a Dutch luxury bathroom furnishing brand with an eye for inspiring, unique designs that are accessible and stylish made with utmost quality in complete colour concepts enabling you to mix and match colours for a coherent or contrasting designer bathroom décor. Whether you are looking for a bathrobe for your home or commercial space, Aquanova have designed countless iconic, spa-like bathrobe designs that consist of an aesthetic that you will love.

Wrap yourself up with either the Aquanova Einar Bath Robe, Mya Bath Robe or the Viggo Bath Robe. If you are looking for a luxuriously soft bathrobe, both the Einar Bath Robe and the Mya Bath Robe have a fleecy feel with the Einar Bath Robe consisting of a bamboo and polyester mix and the Mya Bath Robe consisting of a solely polyester design for utmost absorption and warmth. The Viggo Bathrobe is made of high quality, 100% organic cotton and has been designed with a classic, thick, wafer design. The exceptional quality that Aquanova offers across their range is consistent with this warm and comfortable Viggo Bath Robe range. All of the designer bathrobes below feature a waist tie for a slim fit design that stays secure around your body as well as two pockets for extra warmth for your hands and storage areas for your small, everyday accessories such as your reading glasses, jewellery and tissues. Aquanova strives to create a range of luxurious bathroom accessories to transform your bathroom into a spa-like space for supreme tranquillity and relaxation by installing natural materials, neutral or pastel colours and high quality, innovative yet timeless designs. The following bathrobes/ dressing gowns all feature a classic spa style design making each design perfect for both domestic and commercial spaces such as spas, hotels and holiday villas.

Aquanova are extremely committed to creating a range of luxury bathroom accessories that are authentic are on-trend that will stand the test of time both practically and fashionably. If you would like to find out more about the designers behind the following designer bathrobes and would like to explore the rest of the Aquanova collection, please visit our dedicated Aquanova brand page. 

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