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Even before the first wallpaper printing machine was invented in the 1700s, the concept of decorating interior walls with colourful and patterned paper has been popular in both domestic and commercial environments.

Once a cheaper alternative to fabric tapestries, today, wallpaper is its own design concept, sometimes produced in small, handmade batches to extremely high standards. With the technology that’s used to create today’s wallpapers, it’s clear that wallpaper is no longer exclusively for use in large traditional homes; it’s now a way for modern homes to stand out and enjoy one of the most innovative trends interior design.

At Naken Interiors, we are proud to offer you wallpapers from eight of the world’s most exciting designers. Using all kinds of techniques from the latest printing processes to handmade papers, our collection of wall coverings boasts a range of different styles, textures and processes so that you can find the paper that’s right for your home.

Today’s wallpapers can be used in all kinds of rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens. The most popular rooms for wallpapers like bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and hallways can benefit from the bold or subtle prints so you can really add your own personality to the room.

Some of the brands whose papers we stock have created home accessories and wallpapers using the same patterns so you can coordinate your interior scheme with ease. One very good example of this is Danish design brand, ferm LIVING, who use some of their signature Scandinavian prints on cushions, laundry baskets, bed linen, bathroom accessories and wallpaper. Lorna Syson also has a range of interior accessories made using the same designs as her very British wallpapers.

From the serene to the striking, we also stock a fantastic range of hyper-realistic wall coverings from wall coverings trailblazers, NLXL who work with interior designers to create highly unusual wallpapers for contemporary homes. Using this versatile material enables you to create all kinds of different effects in your home. From the wallpapers from Mineheart that look like wood panelling to Andrew Martin’s collection of wallpaper that looks like freshly sawn tree trunks, we have a style to suit all kinds of modern and traditional homes.

We believe that wallpapering rooms in your home should be satisfying but never so difficult that you need to get in a professional to help you (unless you want to!) That’s why many of our wallpapers are really easy to hang, allowing you to paste the wall, rather than the paper. This enables you to spend less time hanging the wallpaper and more time enjoying your home. Our range includes all kinds of wall coverings for all kinds of walls, from fabric backed textured vinyl to digitally printed wallpaper.

We also now stock a range of gorgeous wall stickers by ferm LIVING which can bring a fun and practical style to your home and are great for family spaces or kids bedrooms.

Coordonne Anima Banano Green Wallpaper
Anima Banano Green Wallpaper
    Coordonne Anima Banano Lead Wallpaper
      Coordonne Anima Banano White Wallpaper
      Anima Banano White Wallpaper
        Coordonne Anima Cheetahs Blue Wallpaper
        Anima Cheetahs Blue Wallpaper
          Coordonne Anima Cheetahs Pink Wallpaper
          Anima Cheetahs Pink Wallpaper
            Coordonne Anima Cheetahs Yellow Wallpaper
              Coordonne Anima Chumbera Green Wallpaper
              Anima Chumbera Green Wallpaper
                Coordonne Anima Chumbera Lead Wallpaper
                  Coordonne Anima Chumbera White Wallpaper
                  Anima Chumbera White Wallpaper
                    Coordonne Anima Crustaceos Bone Wallpaper
                    Anima Crustaceos Bone Wallpaper
                      Coordonne Anima Ikeya-Seki Pink Wallpaper
                      Anima Ikeya-Seki Pink Wallpaper
                        Coordonne Anima Jungle Blue Wallpaper
                        Anima Jungle Blue Wallpaper
                          Coordonne Anima Jungle Marine Wallpaper
                          Anima Jungle Marine Wallpaper
                            Coordonne Anima Jungle White Wallpaper
                            Anima Jungle White Wallpaper
                              Coordonne Anima Max Cochineal Wallpaper
                              Anima Max Cochineal Wallpaper
                                Coordonne Anima Max Lead Wallpaper
                                  Coordonne Anima Max White Wallpaper
                                  Anima Max White Wallpaper
                                    Coordonne Anima Pirenaica Lead Wallpaper
                                      Coordonne Anima Pirenaica White Wallpaper
                                      Anima Pirenaica White Wallpaper
                                        Coordonne Anima Tipsy Love Blue Wallpaper
                                        Anima Tipsy Love Blue Wallpaper
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