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Constantina Damask Wallpaper Collection by Zoffany

Constantina Damask Collection from modern wallpaper brand Zoffany contains stylish and contemporary designer prints suitable for all interior design schemes. Brocatello, Katarina and Malmaison are names of some of the designer wallpapers available in this collection. 

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Vibrant and Colourful Wallpaper

The Zoffany Constantina Damask features numerous traditional floral damask prints that vary in style, size, colour and overall design. The designers behind this iconic brand specialise in creating timeless wallpapers through classic concepts and contemporary design techniques fusing new and old together for an ingenious array of six unique damask designs. If you are driven by a desire to fuse luxury with art, you will indefinitely find vivacious spirit in the Zoffany Constantina Damask Wallpaper Collection. The following page displays a combination of traditional forms paired with modern day execution making them the perfect wallpaper for both classic and contemporary spaces.

Decorate your home or commercial space with modern floral damask prints that feature pioneering textures and metallic accents. The Zoffany Constantina Damask Katarina Wallpaper is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional damask wallpaper design that has been constructed using a beautiful textured surface and layers of inks with the floral motif of the print consisting of metallic details for a shimmering aesthetic that will reflect the ambient light that enters your room. This exquisite luxury wallpaper is one of many in the Constantina Damask Wallpaper designs is a wide width wallcovering. The use of matt coloured backgrounds and metallic floral damask motifs creates a simple yet extremely effective wallpaper that will add impact to your interior décor scheme. The Zoffany Constantina Damask Katarina Wallpaper has been designed in five unique colourways with each colourway featuring a palette of two colours. a slightly more striking damask design, the Zoffany Constantina Damask Marmorino Wallpaper is inspired by beautiful plaster mouldings that adorn the walls of rococo buildings. This magnificent design creates the impression of height in a room, with its vertical repeat of 91cm. A platform of relief ink is put down onto a new fibrous base paper and then overprinted with tonal colours. This intricate lattice effect damask print has been designed in four unique colours with the ebony is the darkest colourway in the entire Zoffany Constantina Damask collection. The damask of the Constantina Damask Wallpaper is incredibly intricately painted with numerous painterly tones creating a three-dimensional effect that will add depth and dimension to your walls. The Zoffany Constantina Damask Wallpaper Collection features numerous designs and colour palettes ensuring that there are numerous luxury designs to choose from.

Discover the full range of the Constantina Damask Wallpaper Collection by Zoffany below. If you would like to find more about Zoffany and the rest of their collection, please visit our dedicated Zoffany brand page.

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