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Classic Damask Wallpaper Collection by Zoffany

Classic Damask Collection from stylish wallpaper brand Zoffany contains contemporary and modern designer prints perfect for all interior design schemes. Crivelli, New Oak Garland, Pomegranate are names of some of the designer wallpapers available in this collection. 

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Classic Modern Wallpaper

If you love classic wallpaper designs but are tired of the same traditional colour palettes, the Zoffany Classic Damask Wallpapers reintroduces designs from some of Zoffany’s earliest collections. The designs featured below in this ornate luxury wallpaper collection have been based on wallpapers that the design team were commissioned to replicate the interior of the Tudor-Jacobean house, Temple Newsam based in Leeds, Yorkshire in the 1980’s. The Zoffany Classic Damask Wallpaper Collection reintroduces the damask designs that were created in the 1980’s with a slight innovative, modern twist through unique colour fusions and textures.

Zoffany specialises in creating outstanding wallpaper designs that will implement fashionable style and desirable luxury to your interior space and design scheme. The Classic Damask Wallpaper Collection features eight unique classic wallpaper designs that have been re-worked using modern colour palettes. If you are seeking a large floral damask motif print, the Zoffany Classic Damask Alvescot Wallpaper, Classic Damask Crivelli Wallpaper, Classic Damask Long Gallery, Classic Damask Pomegranate Wallpaper and the Classic Damask Tours Wallpaper features traditional ornate floral and leaf details in a repetitive pattern for magnificent designs that hint back to the luxury wallpaper designs in the Zoffany archive. The Zoffany Classic Damask New Oak Garland Wallpaper is a slightly more unusual damask print that depicts garlands of oak leaves and acorns that are tied with ribbons and placed on a repeated small diamond pattern that consists of tiny dots on a lighter stained background. The New Oak Garland Wallpaper is a classic design that can be found in numerous country houses and hotels due to its regal aesthetic. The New Oak Garland Plain Wallpaper features the small diamond motif repeat pattern that is featured on the Zoffany Classic Damask New Oak Garland Wallpaper allowing you to mix and match designs to suit your personal design taste. the Classic Damask Long Gallery Wallpaper is an extremely grand design that was once hung in the long gallery at the Temple Newsam to create utmost impact through decorative tall vases and floral wreaths that are repeated across the paper. The Zoffany designers have re-created this beautiful design by studying a document from 1826 that was based on the earlier version of the design from 1735 – 1750. This eye-catching, striking regal damask wallpaper design features a singular colourway option in a stunning rich aubergine purple colour with the background consisting of a light tone and the decorative damask featuring darker aubergine with light purple accents to enhance a three-dimensional effect.

Discover the full range of the Classic Damask Wallpaper Collection by Zoffany below. If you would like to find more about Zoffany and the rest of their collection, please visit our dedicated Zoffany brand page.

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