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Akita Wallpaper Collection by Zoffany

Akita Collection from British wallpaper brand Zoffany contains stylish and modern designer prints perfect for all interior design schemes. Mitsu, Pleat, Concrete and Sisal Stripe are names of some of the contemporary wallpapers available in this collection. 

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Designer Textural Wallpaper

Zoffany is an iconic luxury wallpaper brand that specialises in creating captivating wallpapers that will suit numerous interior design tastes and colour palettes due to their various art styles and design techniques. The Zoffany Akita Wallpaper Collection features six vinyl designs that have been created in several colourways that are coherent in colour allowing you to mix and match designs whilst in keeping with a consistent colour theme. This harmonious range of contemporary, elegant designs takes elements of the patterns from ceramic glazes, origami and hand-woven kimonos and combines these with more natural patterns of water and pebbles. The main influence for this stunning collection of timeless wallpapers is Japanese nature and craftwork for a collection that emits soft and delicate colour yet intricate design and textures.

If you love bold pattern yet cohesive colour palettes, the Zoffany Akita Umi Wallpaper imitates the effect of light reflecting on water in a geometric, abstract form. The Umi Wallpaper features a horizontal weave texture that emphasizes the blur/ blend of the numerous tones for a soft and feathered aesthetic that will add soft pattern to your wall. This stunning wallpaper design is available in eight varying colourways that range from neutral tones to muted colours. Another intricate wallpaper design that features a decorative appearance is the Zoffant Akita Polished Concrete Wallpaper that has the texture of rough plastered walls with the pattern of the design consisting of dapples of a singular colour in numerous tones for a realistic visual effect. Each of the six colours features a rich patina style that appears as though each design is polished concrete for a marbleised stone and quarts appearance. Other wallpaper designs in the Akita Wallpaper Collection consist of simpler aesthetics through a singular colour and little tonal variance. The Zoffany Akita Pleat Wallpaper is taken from an exquisite design which was created by cutting and folding fine strips of paper to create a three-dimensional effect. This is the first time Zoffany has used an in-line emboss which fits the printed pattern exactly. Printed in five colourways, the Akita Pleat Wallpaper is the perfect textural design to place against a busier and bolder Zoffany design. Zoffany’s sophisticated approach draws on many different sources, including innovative technology, contemporary design and their own historical archive. Zoffany is the careful custodians of a remarkable archive, painstakingly assembled from around the world via auctions and donations from their customers. The collection includes rich weaves, luxurious velvets and opulent wallcoverings, most dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

If you would like to find more about Zoffany and the rest of their collection, please visit our dedicated Zoffany brand page.

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