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Akaishi Wallpaper Collection by Zoffany

Akaishi Collection from luxury wallpaper brand Zoffany contains stylish and modern designer prints suitable for all interior design schemes. Akaishi, Acer and Ashlar Tile are some of the designer wallpapers available in this collection. 

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Vibrant Patterned Wallpaper

Named after the iconic Akaishi Mountains, the Zoffany Akaishi Wallpaper Collection features breathtaking wallpaper designs that incorporates Japanese design influences, ethos and cultures in both abstract and expressive art designs with ethereal aesthetics that compromises a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. The colour palette of the Zoffany Akaishi Wallpaper Collection ranges from soft and muted blues, beiges, browns and purples to slightly darker/ richer oranges, reds and browns. This enchanting luxury wallpaper collection is the perfect series of oriental styles that perfectly interprets the natural world through painterly brush strokes and intricate textures.

The Zoffany Akaishi Cracked Earth Wallpaper is one of ten beautiful wallpaper designs featured in this Japanese inspired wallpaper collection. The Cracked Earth Wallpaper features an organic earth effect pattern that has been created through crackle inks for an authentic effect. The following Zoffany Akaishi Wallpapers have all been designed in numerous colourways. The Cracked Earth Wallpaper has been designed in six unique colourways that are coherent with the other colourways of the other designs. The six colourways of the Akaishi Cracked Earth Wallpaper reference to landscapes from around the world such as golden desserts and salt plains. If you love wallpaper designs that feature decorative motifs, the Zoffany Akaishi Acer Wallpaper is a delicate painterly trail of acer leaves that have been digitally printed onto a laminated jacquard base cloth the mimics the appearance of rushes with the design being available in two beautiful colours; red wood/ teal and ah/pewter. The textures rushes paper of this stunning design adds unusual depth and dimension to your interior space with the texture appearing in numerous lines that will allow your eye to move freely around the room. Other contemporary wallpaper designs in the Zoffany Akaishi Wallpaper Collection feature similar textures that mimic those that can be found in natural environments as well as those that are engineered to create various items using natural materials. The Akaishi Rushes Wallpaper is a strong example of this as the materials used have been woven to emulate grasscloth for a refined twist of colour adding soft movement and a beautiful spectrum of various tones for a simple yet effective modern wallpaper design.

If you are seeking a contemporary designer wallpaper that will implement ornamental pattern, colour and texture to your home or commercial interior project, the Zoffany Akaishi Wallpaper Collection features numerous designs that consist of subtle yet impressive designs. Due to many of the designs below featuring textural and metallic qualities, we strongly advise that you order a sample of your desired wallpaper design to gain a true visual representation. If you would like to find more about Zoffany and the rest of their collection, please visit our dedicated Zoffany brand page.

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