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A Zoffany Wallpaper will transform  your  home or commercial interior design project through artistic flair and innovative craftsmanship. Zoffany’s sophisticated approach draws on many different sources, including innovative technology, contemporary design and our own historical archive. Zoffany is the careful custodians of a remarkable archive, painstakingly assembled from around the world via auctions and donations from their customers. The following page displays numerous designs that includes rich weaves, luxurious velvets and opulent wallcoverings, most dating back to the 17th and 18th century. If your world is driven by a desire to fuse luxury with art, you'll undoubtedly find a kindred spirit in Zoffany. Unique, captivating and effortlessly sophisticated, Zoffany is the brand for those that seek craftsmanship and artistic integrity. Fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and accessories that your truly unique home deserves. Whether you are seeking a traditional wallpaper design that features decorative damask prints or you are seeking an innovative wallpaper that incorporates modern aesthetics, the following wallpapers features numerous designs that have all been re-worked in numerous colour palettes. The Zoffany Akaishi Wallpaper Collection features the Atmosfera Wallpaper design which is a stunning reminiscent of a waterfall cascading down a mountain with the colours all blending together for soft, enchanting vertical stripes. This complex ombre stripe design evokes the sense, colour and movement of water with numerous colours adding a spectrum of luscious colour to your interior design scheme. Other wallpaper designs feature much simpler styles and consist of a simple singular plain colour and intricate texture adding subtle depth and dimension to your walls. If you love small-scale patterns, the Zoffany Mosaic Wallpaper collection is a beautiful collection of both rich textures and small mosaic styled displays with the colour palette featuring natural tones inspired by minerals and crystals that are emphasized by rich embossed textures that enhance the 7 eye-catching Mosaic designs.  

Encapsulating extravagance through innovative design techniques, opulent colour fusions and artistic textures that replicate realistic surfaces. This grand brand has designed 12 striking wallpaper collections that all feature contemporary colour palettes that will suit numerous interior design tastes and décor schemes. The first ever Zoffany collection was based on the reproduction of historic wallcoverings from Temple Newsam, a Tudor-Jacobean country house in Leeds, Yorkshire. After studying document fragments, the Zoffany design team precisely recreated a collection of wallpapers that are celebrated for their elegance, artistry and authenticity. It’s that hallmark of integrity that underpins everything Zoffany do today. If you are seeking a beautiful wallpaper design to suit your specific colour scheme, simply click on the filter to the left of your screen and choose your desired colour to reveal all Zoffany wallpapers in that palette. 

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