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Engblad & Co Wallpaper

Engblad and Co Wallpaper

Black & White, Mix Metallic, White Light are the contemporary collections from Swedish luxury wallpaper brand Eco. These on-trend, minimal and modern wallpaper designs in these collections show a selection of bold and contemporary designs.  

Modern and Contemporary Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

Engblad & Co Wallpaper (also known as Eco) is Scandinavia’s oldest luxury wallpaper brand with a single goal of creating modern and sophisticated wallpapers that emit relaxation, serenity and familiarity whether it is a domestic or commercial interior space. This Swedish brand create and manufacture all of their distinctive wallpapers in Boras from creating the design to the finished roll. This unique and high-quality brand are always working with up and coming trends resulting in wallpaper designs that are adorned throughout the world. It is important that wallpaper designs are on-trend but are not going to fall out of fashion. Engblad & Co Wallpaper ensure that they incorporate traditional elements in their designs whether it is worldwide culture, art or history Eco Wallpaper ensure that their designs are contemporary yet timeless.

Not only are Engblad & Co Wallpaper designing on-trend wallcoverings, they are also working with eco-friendly, responsibly sourced raw materials that are exclusive to the brand from North European paper groups that follow sustainable forestry principles. The paints and printing methods used on all Engblad & Co Wallpaper designs are entirely water based with safe, non-harmful components and all waste produced by the brand is used for district heating in Boras. The Eco-friendly production process is why this responsible brand are CE-marked in accordance to EU guidelines.

The many modern and contemporary wallpaper designs by Eco Wallpaper are inspired by a range of sources. The typical Scandinavian design is very minimal, light and quiet with very little use of pattern and colour which is why Engblad & Co Wallpaper have designed a range of timeless designs that incorporate traditional minimalism as well as bold and dramatic maximalism. Eco Wallpaper believe that there is no right or wrong when it comes to wallpaper design, they design wallpapers that you as the interior designer or home owner to be original and individual in order to create truly unique interior spaces with fun at the heart of your design working as a reflection of your personality. Good design is characterised by the ability to inspire and attract different people over time. Eco Wallpaper have a permanent team of designers in our own design studio dedicated to producing new wallpaper collections as well as always on the lookout for freelance designers and young talents. Engblad & Co Wallpaper are always striving to capture impressions whatever they do or wherever they go whether it is the ordinary or the unexplored and extraordinary.

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