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Montmartre Wallpaper Collection by Coordonne

Browse the broad range of stylish wallpaper designs by Spanish brand Coordonne. The Montmartre collection consists of floral, textural and striped patterns suitable for various modern design schemes.
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Modern Wallpaper, Contemporary Wallpaper, Geometric Wallpaper, Floral Wallpaper and Herringbone Wallpaper from Coordonne

Coordonne is a renowned family run business originating from Barcelona, the inspiring brand specializes in beautifully designed wallpaper patterns that are suitable for all types of interior design schemes. Coordonne's collections consist of vibrant and attractive styles of geometric shapes, florals, plants and block colour designs, a perfect variety of wallpaper designs to choose from. The brand aspires to create wallpaper designs that convey emotion and feeling throughout each artistic pattern which will perfectly compliment the furniture that is within the rooms in your home or commercial space. Each collection from Coordonne is divided into various themes that deliver individual artistic and creative aesthetics to transform all types of rooms, whether it be in the home, bars, hotels, cafes or offices. One of the designer collections that focus on designs with natural and organic patterns is the stylish Montmartre collection, each design follows a unique and inspiring aesthetic that will reshape the look of your space. 

If you appreciate a traditional look to your wallpaper, the Birkin wallpaper design has a background base of a cracked marble texture and completed with a repeat pattern of a detailed illustration that consists of various branches of stunning rose bushes with elegant birds scattered throughout the print. This traditional pattern is available in four neutral colourways, the traditional and vintage appearance from this design will perfectly highlight prominent building features such as an antique fireplace or classic windows. If you prefer a subtle appearance to your walls, the design within the Breton focuses on a complete base of light painterly brushstrokes that inspires another dimension to your walls, this textural wallpaper is available in six neutral colour tones. The stylish Hemmingway wallpaper design takes inspiration from the natural formation of fish scales, the design conveyed is a repeat pattern that shows a subtle form of fish scales, this ingenious design adds an element of soft texture to your design space. The Joyce Forest range is a creative representation of vintage art design found from classic Spanish artwork, the repeat pattern of hexagons is formed with blocks of dainty floral illustrations to fill the shapes. This luxurious wallpaper will look stunning as a feature wall or covered the entire room. The various designer wallpaper designs within this contemporary range all differ from each other whether it's in colour or pattern, what holds them together as a collection is an undeniable portrayal of creativity and originality of design. 

Explore the entire range of stylish and vibrant Spanish wallpaper designs in the 'All Coordonne' category to discover more desirable contemporary looks suitable for your home or commercial space. 

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