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Luxury Wallpaper by Black Edition

Black Edition Wallpaper
Explore artistic and contemporary wallpaper designs belonging to Black Edition. Stylish designs are produced from the Herbaria Collection, Kansai, Iroko, Desire, Astratto and Xanthina collections.

Luxury Wallpaper, Floral Wallpaper, Unique Wallpaper, Textured Wallpaper and Feature Wallpaper

Black Edition is an exclusive designer brand that specialise in elegant and sophisticated wall coverings, cushions and fabrics. The brand directs their designs to the luxury interiors market. The combination of luxurious colour schemes, intricate textures and authentic weaving techniques creates unique and inspiring products for you to indulge in. Each of their vibrant collections focuses on a specific element, whether that is the colour, pattern, material or presenting a specific mood and atmosphere. Designs featured in this collection are beautifully reinvented patterns including, 20th Century art, couture fashion, folk embroidery, Indian Ikat designs and Byzantine glass mosaic. The gorgeous colourways have been accentuated with hand painted brushstroke effect, age-old artisan techniques which create an appearance of faded magnificence. To introduce this look into your own design scheme, explore the stylish collection of traditional designer wallpaper below. 

For opulence and luxury, the Herbaria collection features prints of embossed vinyl wallpapers. The stylish prints featured focus on producing a classy and elegant atmosphere to tie your design scheme together. The beauty of the Herbaria collection concentrates on intricate detailing with blends of neutral colourways. Each design has been created with inventive printing techniques to accentuate the rich colours, modern florals and blends of metallic, mineral and chalky tones. For prints that are more experimental, the Kansai collection features a series of wallpaper designs that layer modern photography of captivating florals, stylish landscapes and worn paint textures to produce exclusive and unique patterns suitable for a range of interior design schemes.

The stylish Iroko collection shows an array of vinyl wallcoverings that are embossed with detailed designs of classic damasks. Each design is accentuated by the use of neutral colour palettes that are enriched with metallic highlights. For the art lovers, the Desire collection is a collaboration with contemporary impressionist artist, Jessica Zoob, the Black Edition takes the application of painterly brush strokes and the beautifully elegant colourways of Zoob's paintings and translated into a series of fabrics, cushions and wallpaper designs. To introduce an abstract interpretation of beauty from the natural world, the Desire collection has a series of wonderous prints to explore. Similarly, the Astratto and Xanthina collections focus on creative and imaginative florals, damasks, beads and statement textures. Here, at Naken Interiors, we understand it can be hard making a choice, therefore we have placed all of the wallpaper designs from Black Edition in one All Wallpaper collection.

To find out more about the modern collections that are offered by this brand, please visit our dedicated Black Edition brand page. Black Edition is part of the Romo Group if you would like to view brands belonging to them and the other brands that we represent, please visit our devoted brand page here. 

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