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Contemporary Designer Wallpaper by Anthology

Anthology Wallpaper

Luxury wallpaper brand Anthology has a range of collections named 1,2,3,4,5 each modern collection has a variety of exotic, natural and contemporary designs. Definition collection is an infusion of expressive and abstract brush strokes.

Modern and Stylish Wallpaper

If you love bold, contemporary spaces that will feature mesmerising colour, pattern, shapes and effects, the extensive range of uncompromising innovative wallpapers that have been influenced by natural textures, architecture, stunning materials and woven fabrics. The designers behind this iconic luxury wallpaper brand explore unusual design concepts and transform them into contemporary wallpaper designs that will create utmost impact resulting in your walls working as a signature piece to your interior design scheme.

With over 200 designs, Anthology have created 5 diverse wallpaper collections that are all featured below. The Anthology 1 Collection features a palette of muted shades ranging from neutral greys, soft beiges, and dark jewel tones. The Anthology 1 Wallpaper collection features an array of stunning papers that have been inspired by exotic, natural textures such as grass, coral, marble and sisal to name a few. Each design has been reworked in a number of unique colourways allowing you to mix and match designs depending on your personal preference. The Anthology 2 Collection characters a series of wallpaper designs that have been inspired by urban designs and glamorous textiles in a muted palette of light and dark tones. The Anthology 2 Wallpaper Collection channels the concept of tactile, tessellating shapes that create a structure and form either individually or fitted together. The Anthology 3 Collection features luxury wallpaper designs that incorporate beautiful textures that are infused with reflective, shimmering metallic tones of copper, quartz and azurite. The textural details have been used to encompass the elements of utilitarianism. Distressed wood, deconstructed metals, rust and oxidised patinas. The combination of industrial aesthetics and luxurious metallic qualities results in an eye-catching juxtaposition for a series of wallpapers that will instil both pattern and colour into your home or commercial space. The Anthology 3 Wallpaper Collection is a sensuous array of luxurious wallpaper design that feature highlighting beads and sparkling adhesive for a concoction of matt and metallic tones that work beautifully together for a three-dimensional aesthetic. the Anthology 3 Wallpaper Collection sees the brands introduction to innovative scatter beads, a textured design technique that will add both a textured effect and a glitter aesthetic that adds a beautiful sense of glamour. The Anthology 4 Wallpaper Collection features a similar array of intricately made designs that have been inspired by the concept of construction and deconstruction of woven fabrics with the designs featuring microscopic detail in the structure of the paper, thread and pleats, perfect for design-conscious hotels and homes. Comprising eight designs over 50 wide-width wallcoverings, The Anthology 4 Wallpaper Collection uses the most technically-advanced machines and state-of-the-art production methods, resulting in avant-garde, beguiling finishes, in a spectrum of evocative shades. If you are seeking a truly outstanding contemporary wallpaper design that will add bold colour and pattern to your interior design scheme, the Anthology Definition Wallpaper Collection features an array of statement wallpaper designs that feature texture, colour, pattern and metallic qualities to create a vision of geological designs inspired by captivating crystals. The Anthology Definition Wallpaper Collection features an array of different lines, shapes and textures for a versatile selection of optical illusive wallpaper designs.

If you would like to see all of the Anthology wallpaper designs on one page, simply click on the ‘All Anthology Wallpaper.’ If you would like to find more about Anthology and the rest of their collection, please visit our dedicated Anthology brand page.  

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