Anna French Wallpaper | Floral Wallpaper & Pattern Wallpaper by Anna French
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Floral Wallpaper & Pattern Wallpaper by Anna French

Anna French Wallpaper

Anna French is an English brand renowned for contemporary and colourful wallpaper designs. Modern collections Watermark and Zola consist of designs with vibrant colours, print and pattern. 

Modern Wallpaper, Floral Wallpaper and Pattern Wallpaper from Anna French

Known for their vibrant designs English brand Anna French Ltd. offers an extensive collection of wallpaper and fabrics using a dramatic use of colour and flair. Their collections span over thirty years of artistic creation.

Anna’s design career began in producing her vibrant designs at an art school during the 1960’s. Founder Anna French’s drive to succeed and produce her own fabrics became apparent when Anna and her husband moved from London to Scotland in order to begin a fabric company in 1976 at a Victorian Lace Mill. 18 years prior to starting the company Anna created a children’s teddy bear print that resulted in her gaining recognition as a designer and since then her work continues to be in high demand. Family life is a driving force behind Anna’s life and work and resonates strongly in her determination to remain bold and original with her wallcovering designs and fabrics. Both Anna’s Son and Daughter are both directors at Anna French Ltd. ensuring that the brand continues to grow and stay inspired.

In 2007 the Anna French brand teamed up with established American brand Thibaut. The partnership results in Anna French gaining business expertise from one of the oldest yet innovative wallcovering brands whilst maintaining the dynamic creativity of the small business of Anna French Ltd. With thanks to Anna French, the American Thibaut brand has increased its presence in the UK and Europe. The showroom, office and distribution center for both Anna French Ltd. and Thibaut is located in Chelsea, South London.

Similarly, to Thibaut, Anna French’s designs are influenced by the environments around the designers such as movements, forms, colours and patterns resulting in collections that embodies a colouful yet tranquil essence of nature. Here at Naken Interiors we stock many of Anna French’s collections. One collection being The Watermark collection, a prime example of how the natural world is reflected in the company’s prints, textured designs and unique colour palette. The collection consists of a variety of different designs however the essence of water is apparent in each separate design; textures representing waves, graphic water motifs and washed out water colour paints creating a translucent effect. Anna French’s designers also communicates music, travel and Victorian design in their work resulting in their collections being extremely versatile and suited to a wide range of individuals. This vast variation of wallcovering is what separates the Anna French brand from their competitors.

At Naken Interiors we have selected a diverse range of Anna French’s collections, from their visually bold prints to textually alluring designs. We love the contrasting vibrant bursts of colour combined with interesting patterns and bold florals compared with other prints that embodies a calming essence.

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