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Andrew Martin Wallpaper

Andrew Martin Wallpaper

Contemporary wallpaper brand Andrew Martin has several modern collections of wallpapers. Museum, Navigator, Engineer, Attic, Holly Frean, Museum and Navigator consist of luxury prints and eclectic design. 

Andrew Martin Attic Wallpaper, Engineer Wallpaper, Holly Frean Wallpaper, Museum Wallpaper and Navigator Wallpaper

Established in 1978, Andrew Martin is a British interiors brand with a huge following. Setting the standard and trends at home and abroad, this much loved, forever imitated brand champions the notion of fusion interiors, inspired by different periods of time and different worldly cultures. It’s no surprise then that this designer brand’s wallpapers capture the essence of one thing and fuse it into something else. Here at Naken Interiors, we are excited to present wallpaper from the beautiful Engineer range by Andrew Martin, produced to add character and unmistakable style to your interior walls. These fabulous contemporary wallpapers utilise modern techniques to produce true-to-life images of antiqued items on wallcoverings, which gives walls an incredible depth. The designs are inspired by historical images and more abstract items including mathematical equations, bricks, plaster and wood panelling. Ranging from the freshly sawn timber logs of the Lumberjack wallpaper to the antiqued oak panelling of the Regent wallpaper, the design effects are varied. Designed to create a hyper-realistic look in your living room, dining space or bedroom, these wall coverings are cleverly designed to create a Trompe l'oeil effect that can instantly create a warm, inviting or vintage atmosphere. Other wallpapers that achieve this style are Timber, which features strips of wood lined up together vertically and Atlantis, which depicts an old factory wall in rough, textured breezeblock - perfect for loft-style apartments or freshly designed new builds that need a little added character.

However, that’s not to say that Andrew Martin’s designs are only for ultra unusual homes and businesses. In fact, this designer brand creates wallpapers that are relevant to all kinds of properties and are particularly sympathetic to period properties that have been renovated. This is especially the case when paired with the brand’s vintage-inspired furnishings. Other designs include the intriguing Oxford and Pythagoras wallpapers which feature hand-sketched drawings and text on dark backgrounds and the fabulous Crackle wallpaper which gives the impression of an old, dilapidated wall so you can add an industrial edge to your rooms. This urban style wall covering works particularly well in rooms with high ceilings, furnished with reclaimed wood and metal items. Brighten it up and add your own personality to the room with colourful cushions, curtains and art to create a shabby chic look.

All of these wallpapers by Andrew Martin are digitally printed on 100% coated paper, which has a high-quality thickness that can hide small imperfections. This makes it suitable for old and new walls in rooms where you want to create a cosy, welcoming and subtly glamorous atmosphere. To find out more about the other products in the Andrew Martin collection and everything else in their range, please visit the Andrew Martin brand page. 

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