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Vitamin Knot Pendant Light - Small

British brand ‘Vitamin Living’ was founded by a brother’s duo in 2004 and are still, to this day ope..

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Vitamin Knot Pendant Light - Large

Vitamin Living’s mission is to produce original, innovative and aesthetically attractive products wh..

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Since founding in 2004, Vitamin Living have struck a chord with homeowners and interior designers around the world. True British innovators they’re a design house born and bred in the East End of London and their designs fuse playful imagination with genuine functionality and of course, modern style.

The brand was initially simply the concept of brothers Chris and Andy Vernall but it has grown into much more, with their pieces synonymous with their brand name and their quirky style renowned across the interior design world. Function and aesthetics are key to the brands core ethos but playfulness and fun are apparent throughout too.

The simplest household objects which we use without thinking and purely for their functional become works of art with a quirky twist when Vitamin Living are in charge. Out of the ordinary is the norm at Vitamin Living and their products cover many different functionalities from home accessories to pieces for your kitchen to the lighting that we feature at Naken Interiors.

Unique character is an integral part of everything Vitamin Living do and as well as offering originality, there is clear craftsmanship and passion in each piece in their range. They focus closely on getting the most out of the materials they choose, with a dedication to sustainability and making the most of every material they choose.

The lighting ranges produced by Vitamin Living create a real ambience in any room, whether they’re the centrepiece for your living space or a pendant for your bathroom. Their designs include the Knot range which utilising a classic knot design, vibrant colours for the textiles and hand blown glass for the shade. Whether they’re positioned singularly as a focal point or used in a versatile cluster or modern arrangement, it’s the vibrancy and originality of the knot that really stands out. Their range also includes the Cloak Pendant range, which utilises both natural woods and premium glass in a smoothand seamless combination. They create a down-lighting effect which is a wonderful addition to the modern home and could be especially impressive over a kitchen island or dining space.

Vitamin Living’s pieces have been appreciated by customers worldwide, including those who simply have a genuine appreciate of contemporary interior design to the opportunity to work on large projects with companies including Ridley Scott Associates, Orange and Nike.

Combining function and aesthetic beauty is no mean feat but Vitamin Living strive to offer it in every single piece and it has led to the development of some truly recognisable pieces that even interior design experts would immediately recognise as the work of Vitamin Living. Their designs are firmly in the 21st century and focus on the purity of the materials and a playful sense of fun combining to offer something which no one else is offering in the present market.

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