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Browse designer parasols from Sywawa’s by SYMO Company. Their vibrant and stylish sunshades and parasols are available in a range of sizes suitable for all outdoor design schemes. 

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Developed as a wing of the SYMO Parasols Company, Sywawa Parasols are known for their vibrancy, ostentatious design and truly exceptional handiwork. Many of their designs are famous in their own right and immediately recognisable and are a wonderful addition to any modern home or environment.

The SYMO Company was first developed in 1932 and have grown over the years to offer innovative and stylish sunshades and parasols for all kinds of outdoor spaces and environments. The company are based in Belgium and produce their modern and innovative garden parasols from their base. They offer something a little different to your average parasol, with true design talent and vision used in each creation. Many of their products have won awards and it’s clear to see why as many of their ideas are totally unique and add a real feature to any outdoor space, including domestic and commercial gardens.

Each Sywawa parasol is constructed from the highest quality materials and is designed for all year use, with their designs found in different locations around the world including boutique hotels, spas and even on yachts.

Sywawa Parasols are like the fun little sister of the older, bolder SYMO Parasols Company. Sywawa Parasols are the height of modern, accessible style and each parasol and item they produce is an example of true innovation, craftsmanship and high quality materials, combined to deliver a strong, bold character.

 A Sywawa Parasol makes you out as someone who likes things a little different and likes pieces that truly stand out and make a statement. Their range includes everything from the almost natural looking Shadylace Parasol to the delicate, exquisite work which is shown in the Dentelle Parasol. Other pieces in their collection include unique and quirky bases for their parasols, such as the Coupe which doubles up as an ice bucket and the Cube which doubles up as a seat. Another stand out piece from their collection is the bold Brandy Fire Basket which just demands to be looked at and made a focal point.

It is true to say that Sywawa Parasols truly take the breath away and give your terrace the chance to stand out and be a little different. Many of their parasols work wonderfully with your chosen outdoor furniture and any other key items you choose to keep outside. They’re perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying with your family and the durable construction they are made from ensures you can enjoy them in all weathers, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space beyond the sunniest days.

Sywaya Parasols have been chosen to complement the other garden accessories and outdoor furniture available through Naken Interiors. We have selected some key pieces from their range to show off the vibrancy that Sywawa offer and we hope you won’t be disappointed. Please take a closer look at their range below.

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